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How to deal with a wine stain on carpets

How to deal with a wine stain on carpets

How to deal with a wine stain on carpets


Ah, the wine stain – the ruination of many a carpet has come from an open bottle of vino being spilled. It stands to reason that the more you drink wine, the more likely you are to knock the bottle over onto that fresh new carpet. Inebriation brings imbalance, and all it takes is one stumble as you get up to knock that red wine bottle onto your fresh new carpet. Disaster strikes, so what should you do?

There are some common wisdoms that can be used to make sure you can handle wine stains on a carpet. To help you make sure the damage is not too severe, we recommend you try the following tips.

If you have spilled wine on your carpet, then the first thing you should do is make sure that you start by blotting the stain. Make sure you get down there and blot the stain using a dry and clean cloth. Many use wet clothes or paper towels, but this can often spread the stain and make the problem worse, not better!

Once you have blotted the stain, you should then pour some club soda onto the stain. Club soda is an extremely powerful cleaning solution for a wine carpet spill. You can pick this up from most home stores and supermarkets, so it should not be hard for you to find. Pour the club soda onto the stain, and then start blotting the stain once again.

If you keep doing this, pour on more club soda and blot this again. If you keep on doing this, you should begin to see that the stain will lift. However, for some, the club soda routine is not enough to remove wine stains from a carpet.

Another mixing alternative that you could try would be a mixture of white vinegar and dish soap. A tablespoon of dishwashing soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar into two cups of warm water should work. Then, use a white cloth – avoid coloured cloths as the colour could bleed – add a small pour onto the stain, and blot it frequently.

Both of these solutions have been proven to work with most wine stains. Unless you have really spilled the wine, or you have let it lie for days, this should remove the stain for the most part.

Still not happy with the results?

Then take a look at getting in touch with our carpet cleaning professionals. We can give you all the insight you need to make sure that you can get rid of those red wine stains that stick around like a sore thumb. Instead of having to move furniture around or generally struggling to tidy the carpet up, you can use our simple solutions above to get a carpet that looks and feels much cleaner than before.

Do not let a wine stain ruin a carpet – try the above tips, and if that does not work contact our team for a more permanent solution.

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