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What are the benefits of scotchguard?

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What are the benefits of scotchguard?

If you have run into a problem with your carpet, or you want to avoid carpet problems, you might be recommended Scotchguard. Scotchguard is a highly popular solution that can be used to help protect fabrics from stains and other damages that could make your carpet look much older than it really is. Developed by 3M, this stain repellent has become a go-to for carpet cleaning pros and cleaning staff around the world. Why, though? What are the benefits of Scotchguard?

The benefits of using Scotchguard on your carpets at home or in the office

Keep a carpet looking new for longer

The main benefit of applying this wonderful material is that it can make sure your carpet looks fresher for longer. This can be great for making sure that your carpet retains that bright and new look for months as opposed to weeks. It can be used to help make sure that things like dirt and debris do not lie, get caked in, and thus can be easily vacuumed up when you go for a regular clean.

Minimise the intensity of stains

Stains on carpets are almost inevitable, especially if you have social company or you have children. By using this product, though, you make sure that stains are both less visible and less significant. This can make it easier for you to ensure that anything dropped on your carpet and/or upholstery is less likely to leave a permanent and lasting stain.

This can shield the fabric from needless damage, including mould and bacteria growths.

Reduce cleaning times during spills

By applying Scotchguard, you make sure that anything that is spilled should lift up so much easier. This will make it much easier for you to start getting of dirt stains and spills that have gotten into the fibre. The stains will be lie on a more surface level with Scotchguard, meaning that you can simply get in and scoop up the damage without any of the usual hard work that is required.

Keep your carpets lasting longer

Alongside making it easier to keep the carpet looking fresh, Scotchguard also makes sure that you can keep the carpet laid down for longer. Stains are lifted easier, dirt is less likely to become permanent, and the carpet simply looks fresher. Unless you choose to go for a whole new aesthetic and/or colour scheme, this means your carpet is simply going to last for a lot longer. Thus, over time, you save yourself time and money.

Need a hand with a carpet without Scotchguard?

Of course, if you have never used this product before, you might already have a damaged carpet. Our team can easily manage your carpets to make sure that stains are lifted, problems are reduced, and that the intensity of the stain is lifted right out of the carpet.

This can be very useful if you want to make sure your carpet is protected. We can apply Scotchguard for you, or we can use it after we have given the carpet a thorough and professional clean. Whatever you need, get in touch with us today!

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