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If you are looking for professional sofa cleaning services then Carpet Cleaning Pros have you covered. Our professional sofa cleaning services are carried out by our specialists and are available for your home or business.

Our local sofa cleaning teams can attended at short notice in some areas and deal with any stain or just refresh your sofas with a professional clean.  Take of our competitive sofa cleaning prices and save money in the long-term.

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Professional Sofa Cleaning

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Expert professional sofa Cleaning

Our professional sofa cleaning team are fully trained to the highest industry standard and equipped with the most effective up to date detergents and equipment. Our solutions are child and pet safe, environmentally friendly. Our technicians have a range of solutions available- our professional sofa cleaning services are available for wide range of sofas and problems. Our sofa cleaning services always include a full inspection of the sofas, which determines the best solution and results for your sofa cleaning needs.

Each stain and sofa must be treated individually. Our professional sofa cleaning specialists carry a wide range of stain removal solutions to tackle all problems.

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Professional Sofa Cleaning
Prices from

The prices displayed above are guideline only. Please call our sofa cleaning team or use our online booking form to get an accurate price.

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Please note: Our minimum call-out charge is £65. If you do require cleaning of any other items at the same time then we can do this at a discounted rate. 

All prices shown for our professional sofa cleaning are estimates only. Please call us or use the online booking form and a member of our expert team can discuss your professional sofa cleaning needs with you.

Our professional sofa Cleaning Methods

Our valuable experience combined with the best industry standard training means our professional sofa cleaning services are carried out using only the best techniques, ensuring all of our customers have the best experience and results.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction – is also called steam cleaning. This method is the most commonly used for our professional sofa cleaning services. It involves using hot water and detergents on the carpets.  It simultaneously vacuums and extracts the water along with any dirt particles that have been dislodged or dissolved by the detergents. This sofa cleaning method is the most widely-used and recommended for a wide range of sofas.

  • The most recommended professional sofa cleaning method by industry experts
  • Reduces the amount of allergens present on your sofas
  • The hot water destroys bio-contaminants
  • A 100% eco, child and pet-friendly sofa cleaning method
  • Helps to improve air-quality
  • We only use the most powerful sofa cleaning technology available
Dry Compound Method

Dry powder treatment – This involves spreading biodegradable sofa cleaning powders evenly over the sofa. It is then brushed or scrubbed deep into the fibres. The powder attracts dirt particles, which then vacuumed off with a powerful vacuum machine. This leaves the sofas clean and dry.

  • Suitable for delicate and natural sofa fibres
  • No moisture used means no drying time required.
  • Great for our commercial customers that need use of the sofas directly after cleaning
  • No residues left on your delicate sofas
  • The fastest sofa cleaning method available

How To Book your
professional sofa cleaning service

You can your sofa cleaning appointment by calling

Our sofa cleaning team can help book your appointment, provide you with a quote or just answer any questions you may have about our professional sofa cleaning service. 

We have a wide range of sofa cleaning appointments available. Call today to book yours.


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