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Professional flea treatments by certified experts you can trust. At Carpet Cleaning Pros we don’t just clean carpets we also have extensive pest control knowledge and training to deal with fleas and other insects in your home.

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Flea Treatment Professionals

Fleas are most common in homes and businesses across the United Kingdom who own a pet. Fleas require a host to feed from in order to survive and breed. Infestations of fleas may be present in homes without pets, in most cases when previous owners kept cats or dogs.

Fleas are parasites and can cause bites on both pets and humans. The bites can cause irritation and a reactive rash. Pets are also able to develop allergies to the saliva of the flea.

Flea Treatment Method

We use a multi-step treatment program to rid fleas from your home or business and supply a 30 day revisit guarantee on all of our treatments and no additional cost. If you are aware of a flea infestation and you have pets inside the home, you will need to arrange a flea treatment for them.

Step 1
One of our professional trained technicians will attend and conduct an assessment and treatment of your home and business. Furniture may require moving depending on the level of infestation.
Step 2
professional use insecticide is applied to the carpeted areas around the home, this will kill all life stages of the flea to make your home free of fleas.
Step 3
If a heavy infestation was identified during the first visit we will return 7-10 days later To complete a second treatment.
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Flea Treatment Costs

The price for a professional flea treatments will vary based on the size of the property and level of the infestation.

As pets move around the home, we will require to treat all areas for fleas to ensure a thorough job is completed.

Prices start from £150.00 per visit and will require between 1 or 2 visits depending on the level of infestation and the size of the property.

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If you have pets in a rented property your landlord may require a flea treatment at the end of the tenancy as part of your contract. We offer discounted offers on professional carpet cleaning with a combination flea treatment for your home.

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