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Professional carpet moth treatment by certified experts you can trust. At Carpet Cleaning Pros we don’t just clean carpets we also have extensive pest control knowledge with textile pests which include common clothes moth, case-bearing clothes moth and varied carpet beetles.

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100% Guaranteed Eradication

30-day guarantee: If you see any live moth afters our treatment, we’ll take care of it!

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Carpet Moth Damage

The Carpet Moth is a common household textile pest in the UK and is most prevalent in the West and South of England.

Homes with woollen or natural fibres are most at risk due to carpet moth larvae feeding predominately on keratin which is found in natural fibres such as wool.

Carpet moth infestations are can be a costly problem if left untreated and will cause serious and often irreparable damage to carpets, rugs and other soft furnishings in the home. Also, if carpet moths feed on all natural fibres, if left untreated, they can go on to infest wardrobes and drawers and cause additional damage to expensive clothing like wool and cashmere sweaters and suits, as well as silk, fur and leather garments.

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Professional Carpet Moth Treatment

We use a multi-step moth killer program to rid moths from your home and supply a 30
day revisit guarantee on all of our treatments.
Thorough Cleaning
Vacuuming is a crucial step in removing any moth eggs, larvae, or debris that may be present in your carpets. Our technicians use high-powered vacuums with specialised attachments to reach deep into the fibers, effectively extracting any remnants of the infestation. This step not only aids in moth removal but also improves the overall cleanliness and freshness of your carpets.
Targeted Treatment
Our team utilises industry-leading professional use insecticide products and advanced techniques to eliminate carpet moths effectively. We focus on treating not only the visible areas but also the hidden spaces where moths tend to lay their eggs, such as beneath furniture, along baseboards, and within cracks and crevices. Our treatment methods are safe for both your carpets and your household, ensuring effective results without compromising your well-being.
We will monitor the level of moth infestation during each treatment visit using pheromone traps and ensure that all life stages are killed by the final visit.
100% Guarantee
Once the treatment has been successfully completed we will provide a 30 day revisit guarantee from the date of the final visit.
How Do I Get Rid Of Carpet Moths & Carpet Moth Larvae
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In order for a successful treatment we are required to conduct three or four visits of insecticide sprays in order to ensure all life stages of the textile moth has been destroyed. For more information regarding our services, get in touch with one of our Pros today! If you are looking for heat treatment for moths, click here!

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Competitive Pricing

Our prices start from £150.00 per visit and we will need to undertake between 3 of 4 visits depending on the level of infestation and the size of the property.

We are confident in what we can offer and will guarantee to outmatch any written estimate you you obtain from any major nationwide pest control company, provided that the quote pertains to the identical service we offer.

In order to obtain an accurate quote, please give one of our professionals a call or submit a short questionnaire.

To ensure a thorough job is completed we will always treat all carpeted areas and not single rooms. From experience they are most likely to have travelled into multiple rooms. We are unable to provide a guarantee if not all carpeted rooms are treated.


How To Book Your Carpet Moth Treatment

You can arrange our moth treatment services with our team by calling

Our friendly carpet cleaning team can book a timeslot for your moth treatment, provide a quote over the phone or simply answer any questions you may have.

We have a wide range of availability. Call today to book a free, no-obligation consultation.

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