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How often should I have my carpet cleaned?

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If you have a carpet at home or in the office, it is easy to forget about cleaning. Most carpets tend to look really good even if you have them for years. With even just a semi-regular cleaning process, you can avoid your carpet looking too bad or too rough. However, if you want to make sure you can get the most out of your carpet, you might want to evaluate carpet cleaning times. With that in mind, are you wondering ‘How often should I have my carpet cleaned?’

There is often conflicting answers on this particular topic. Look in one place, and you might find one particular timeframe. Check another competing place, though, and you could find an alternative view. As carpet cleaning experts, though, we have a recommendation that you should try and stick to.

How often should I have my carpet cleaned? At least once per year

If you have a carpet, then, you should be looking to get it properly cleaned at least once per year. You should always look to give them regular brushes and hoovers, particularly at least once per week – at the very least, once per month.

This helps to avoid clutter, catches dirt build-up before it worsens needlessly, and can minimise the presence of allergens in the air. This can reduce irritation and make sure things like your pets are not creating too much of an uncomfortable atmosphere for you.

With that in mind, you should therefore look to commit to a cleaning process of around once per year. This is enough for most carpets, and it should make sure that you can keep the look and retain the freshness. A common problem for many carpets, though, is that you can simply wait too long. Avoiding serious cleaning for a year or more can lead to things like caked-in stains that discolour the carpet, and various other aesthetic headaches.

What about if I have a carpet in my office?

If you have a commercial carpet, then it stands to reason that you have more people walking on that carpet. Unless you have a very busy house, a business premises will always see more traffic. With that in mind, if you have a carpet in your office/place of business, you should look to have it cleaned at least every six months.

Once per year might be enough for smaller businesses, but showrooms and office venues should be a twice-annual cleaning regimen. This makes sure that you can avoid the build-up that can come from having so many people walking around the place. Again, it also helps with air quality and making sure that staff and customers alike are not being annoyed by allergens coming from the ground up.

Stick to the above schedule, then, and you can make sure that your carpets are very much ready to be kept for the long-term. Instead of having to replace an old and mangy carpet, an annual cleaning session (or twice-annual for commercial lots) should make sure that carpet in question lasts for many years to come

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