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Carpet cleaning tips to prevent pests

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Carpet cleaning tips to prevent pests


For anyone with a carpet at home, the last thing you want to do is find pests roaming around. From ants and other creatures to carpet-eating moths, you need to be very much aware of potential damage to your carpet. With this in mind, we want you to focus on the following carpet cleaning tips to prevent pests. Stick to these tips, and you can make it much easier to ensure that your carpets remain clean, shining, and glorious for longer.

Best of all, you can avoid those irritating pests that can ruin your carpet!

Carpet cleaning tips to prevent pests

Get used to regular cleaning intervals

If you want to avoid pets, then you need to be cleaning your carpet regularly. Pests tend to become present when/if your carpet has lots of dirt building up around it. Make sure you take this very seriously, then, as regular cleaning – weekly or twice-weekly vacuuming, for a start – can make sure you catch many of the attractions that could see some pests turn up at your carpet.

It might be ‘boring’ to give your carpet regular serious cleans, but it will be very much beneficial in the long run.

Avoid moisture build-up

If your carpet has been wet due to cleaning, it is vital that you get it dried ASAP. Moisture build-up is one of the most common attributes that a pest will look for in your carpet. You should therefore also think about covering and protecting a carpet during any DIY treatment that could involve moisture in the air.

Getting used to dealing with a moisture build-up can be very important. We recommend that you really look to avoid the moisture issues with regular carpet drying to minimise the risk of pests turning up uninvited.

Focus on your upholstery, too

Many carpets become havens for pests because of the furniture in the room. Dirt and debris falling from the furniture onto the carpet is imperceptible to us. For a dust mite or another pest, though, this is not really the case. So, make sure that you focus on the upholstery as much as you can as this can make it much easier to keep the rest of the carpet cleaner.

Avoid walking on carpets with shoes

This might be obvious, but walking on carpets with muddy and/or wet shoes is an easy mistake to make – especially if your carpet is ageing. However, this is another way to cake in the kind of moist dirt that brings and attracts the exact pests that you want to avoid. Focus on that to make sure you can avoid walking on the carpets and thus creating a haven for pests.

Still got pest problems in your carpet?

Then reach out to our carpet cleaning experts. We can arrange a visit as soon as is possible to make sure the carpet is cleaned and managed to the most appropriate standard. Do not allow pests to become a permanent resident in your carpets – if you need help, reach out to our experts today!

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