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Instagram cleaning tips to avoid

Instagram cleaning tips to avoid

Go on social media, and it is very easy to find experts on just about anything offering you ‘hacks’ and ‘DIY super tips’ that can apparently avoid needing professional services. And while many of these at home cleaning tips can work in your favour, many are useless. If you want to avoid carrying out a ‘pro tip’ that is anything but, you should focus on putting the following myths to bed.

These following Instagram cleaning tips to avoid are typically offered by ‘experts’ who, in reality, are offering advice that could actually ruin your carpet.

Instagram cleaning tips to avoid

Stop using a feather duster

Many people find it easy to use a feather duster around the house, but there is a reason that most professionals avoid using them.

They are dirty, they are dust-trappers, and they tend to be worst for spreading dirt around. Sure, it might push it off one ledge, but it simply drops the dirt down to the next level i.e. your floor. Instead of using a feather duster, go for a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Stop using the same cloth

Many cleaning ‘experts’ suggest that you can save yourself time and effort by using the same cloth from room to room. Admirable, but wrong.

This often means that you are simply taking dirt from one room and then applying that dirt to the next surface. It might mean you have less cloths building up in the wash bin, but it means you are actually taking dirt from A and moving it to B.

Cleaning from the floor upward

This is a common mistake and it is one that you absolutely should avoid. By cleaning from the top down, you make it easier to basically push all of the debris down to the ground. Start from the ground up, and you need to then re-clean the ground level at the end. So, avoid that and clean downward. This means that you push debris down to the floor before catching everything in one final clean on the ground.

Do not apply cleaner directly to a surface

Watch cleaning videos from some influencers, and you will see them spraying cleaning agent directly onto the source such as your carpets. Instead, you should be spraying the solution onto a cloth and then applying the cloth to the area that has to be cleaned. Spraying directly to the source adds a build-up of solution that can become greasy and/or streaky and leave visible marks you want to avoid.

Washing every surface with the same solution

Some experts like to suggest you can save time and money by using a one-size-fits-all cleaning agent made from natural sources like lemon, baking soda, and the like. As nice as it would be if this were the case, it simply cannot be. Different surfaces need different solutions, so avoid using the same old solution on the same areas as it could become problematic and even damaging to the wider surface.

Keep these simple tips in mind, and you can avoid many of the headaches and problems that can become very problematic when it comes to home cleaning. We are sure these people mean well, but the above should make it easier to properly care for your home.


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