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What does hot water extraction mean for your upholstery

What does hot water extraction mean for your upholstery?

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Find out the benefits of hot water extraction for your carpets and upholstery

When it comes to caring for our homes, ensuring that we look after our furniture is very important. The same goes for our carpets. Over time, though, the resilient nature of rugs and upholstery means that it is easy to lose track of time. Before you know it, many months have passed since you last gave your carpets and upholstery a thorough clean. With that in mind, you might benefit from hot water extraction.

Today, hot water extraction is one of the most commonly used cleaning methods when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning. It goes beyond anything you are likely to receive if you were to use at-home carpet cleaning methods. When cleaned with hot water extraction, you see a huge difference in the freshness, bounce and vibrancy of your carpets and upholstery.

When done by professionals who know what they are doing, hot water extraction can make your carpets and upholstery look as good as new!

How does hot water extraction work?

The process behind hot water extraction is simple enough. A blend of hot water and detergent is mixed into a high-pressure solution. This is then used on the carpets and the upholstery to help bring out stains and splodges at the deepest point. Compared to typical DIY cleaning methods like steam cleaning, hot water extraction is far more effective.

The hot water paired with the cleaning materials used, allied with the high pressure of the water, ensures that the carpet and upholstery fibres are cleaned extremely deeply. This helps to bring up any lingering mess, creating a much cleaner-looking end result.

Since hot water extraction is still a relatively new concept within the cleaning world, many need to be made aware of just how effective it can be. Steam cleaning is still considered a premium method of cleaning, but compared to hot water extraction, it simply cannot provide the same depth and quality of cleanliness.

Why is hot water extraction so effective?

The main reason is that it manages to get deep into the carpet and upholstery. Often, the deepest dirt and grime can build up at the bottom layer, making the top layers look far less appealing. The pressure that comes from hot water extraction, though, gets deep into the carpet and helps to break down that dirt extremely effectively. This means that it can then be picked up by the vacuum cleaning that comes as part of the process.

Once the dirt is broken down and dislodged, it is extremely easy for you to lift out and clean. On top of this, the visible layers of dirt and grime are broken down and destroyed, loosening up these surfaces. This makes it easier for carpets and upholstery to be further fluffed up so they look closer to their original form.

Hot water extraction works so well because the force of the water really pushes against those stubborn dirt patches. This breaks them down and ensures that they lift very easily when it comes time for a post-hot water extraction vacuum clean.

In terms of the overall results, hot water extraction is one of the most effective methods of cleaning that we have for anything made from fibres. It can get into the deepest crevices and ensures that the cleaning is carried down to the deepest fibres of the carpet and/or upholstery.

Since hot water extraction provides both a deep clean and powerful cleaning agents, you can look forward to a thorough and impressive clean that leaves your carpets and upholstery looking as good as new.

Can I carry out hot water extraction myself?

Given the equipment required, it is easier and cheaper to invest in professional cleaning services. These are tools that you only need to use on your carpets and upholstery once or twice per year. As such, the investment would likely far exceed the cost of several cleaning services. 

You can hire professionals to provide hot water extraction so that you do not have to shell out on the equipment yourself.

We provide hot water extraction in Mitcham and surrounding areas. Let the Carpet Cleaning Pros provide you with a service that cleans up your carpets and upholstery, making them look as good as new. With hot water extraction, you are guaranteed a cleaner, fresher household!


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