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How to sort out a water stain on your sofa

water stain sofa

If you have a sofa at home, then it stands to reason that you want to do everything you can to protect it. Therefore, walking in to find a large water stain on your sofa can be a nightmare. Is this going to leave a lasting impact on the sofa? Are you going to need to start strategically placing cushions and pillows to hide this annoying stain? Thankfully not.

If you want to know how to sort out a water stain on your sofa, then check out these easily-applied solutions.

How to sort out a water stain on your sofa

Removing a water stain can be quite tough, but it is not as hard as some might make it out. It simply requires you to be smart about how you go about the actual removals process in the first place. Water stains, though, should be tackled ASAP. Water stains can become a key source of discolouration of your sofa. If you have spots that look worn out and old, it could be down to the presence of water previously.

The first thing that you need to do is act immediately. As soon as you notice the spill, get to work. It does not take you much time at all, maybe 15 minutes, to get rid of the stain. So, the sooner you can get to work, the easier it is for you to lift the stain and make sure that it does not become needlessly permanent.

The first thing you need to do is read the tag that is included with the sofa. This will tell you exactly what you can use on the sofa and what you cannot. If nothing else, you can find out the material of the sofa and then run that through an online search to find the cleaning instructions for that particular fabric.

The main thing that just about sofa will need, though, is for you to give the spot a vacuum. Make sure that you do so ASAP as this can release the water particles and make sure that the stains are lifted. Especially if the water stain came from dropping a vase, which could have dirtier water, this can help to separate the dirt from the sofa itself.

Then, use the solution recommended online. Most of the time, a mild dish liquid soap with some water should be enough to lift the stain. Dab this on and then give it a light scrub with a microfiber cloth. Another option might be to use some watered-down vinegar, but you should always make sure this is safe for the material in question.

Steam cleaning is another option for those stains that tend to last a bit longer.

What should I do if the water stain will not lift?

Firstly, do not panic and do not start trying random solutions in trial and error. Instead, contact our team of carpet cleaning professionals. We can give you additional insight, or we can come out and handle the cleaning process on your behalf. By all means, though, try out the above first – if this does not work, contact us and we can make sure that a solution is put in place ASAP to get your sofa clean and water stain-free!

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