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Carpet cleaning tips to prevent odours and stains

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If you have a carpet at home, then you will know how important it is to properly look after it and maintain it. Carpets require you to be very particular and focused when it comes to cleaning. With that in mind, we have some useful carpet cleaning tips to prevent odours and stains.

These tips come from professionals with vast experience in carpet cleaning. Now, you can use these to make sure your carpet is not only clean, but capable of handling drops and spills without the carpet losing its lustre.

Carpet cleaning tips to prevent odours and stains

Do not rub your stains or spills

When something has been dropped on your carpet, it makes sense that you want to get rid of it ASAP. However, avoid rubbing the stain – instead, blot it. Rubbing has the opposite effect of actually spreading the damage and thus making the stain harder to remove in the first place!

If you have a stain or spillage, then make sure that it is blotted first and foremost.

Use the right cleaning agent for grease

Grease is a particular nightmare on a carpet, and it should only be tackled with the use of washing up liquid. This should be carried out using a washing up liquid that you trust; drop some into a cup and some warm water and then start blotting this onto the greasy stain.

You might even find it easier to use a sprtay bottle and spray directly onto the stain before blotting it with a cloth to get rid of excess moisture.

Speaking of moisture…

Make sure you tackle moisture ASAP. Moisture build-up – even from cleaning – can be a cause of your carpet beginning to smell. So, focus on making sure you take the moisture problem seriously and really dry out your carpet. Get all of the windows open to maximise ventilation, and make sure your carpet is given every opportunity to dry out. This removes the risk of moisture-related smells forming in time.

Consider using baking soda

For smells that are lingering, one of the best ways to lift the smell is to use baking soda. Something as simple as baking soda can be applied directly to the stain and smelly section. Then, let it bake in and soak up the smell. After an hour or two, this should then be hoovered up. Do that and you can make sure the smells are often removed, and thus you can get rid of those prolonged odours that might be rising up from the carpet itself.

Get your carpet professionally cleaned

Of course, if you want a near-guarantee of odour and stain removal you should get your carpet cleaned-up by a professional. This is very important as it could make sure that you are able to remove the damage from the carpet without having to lift a finger. It also ensures that you avoid mistakes like using the wrong cleaning agent(s). if you want total peace of mind, contact our carpet cleaning professionals for a quote.

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