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How can I remove old pet stains from my carpet and rugs

How can I remove old pet stains from my carpet and rugs?

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Getting rid of old stains: A DIY job or one for a carpet cleaning local service?

As someone with a carpet and/or rug in your home, you will be all too aware of how easy it is to cause damage. You no doubt have suffered from the headache of spilling wines, sodas and/or sauces on your carpet and/or rug. A real headache indeed, but usually something that you can deal with using some quick DIY solutions. For pet stains, though, the ‘home remedy’ you find online might not be sufficient.

The problem with pet stains is that they tend to get very deep into the carpet. If your pet has carried out some of its ‘natural habits’ on your carpet or rug, then a surface-level clean is not enough. It has to be deep, thorough and extremely consistent. If you do not do that, you run the risk of the carpet smelling for years to come. Even with the most rigorous DIY cleaning, the results might not work.

What to try first before you call in the pros

To get started, you should try out the following tips to try and revive your carpet/rug:

  1. Begin by blotting the affected area with cold water, blotting it with microfibre cloths
  2. Get rid of as much of the mess as you can, scraping away any excess if required 
  3. Avoid heavy scrubbing; this will make matters worse and spread the stain 
  4. Get some baking soda and apply this over the impacted area as much as you can
  5. Let this set in for a few hours, and then vacuum up the baking soda substance

If you try the above and you are still dealing with a damaged carpet, you probably need to consider calling in the professionals. You could also try making up a mixture of cold water and white vinegar (3 parts cold water, one part white vinegar), but this can damage certain carpets, so do not do so without consulting the carpet company first.

When to call in the carpet cleaning local experts

At this stage, you probably need to consider using a local carpet cleaning service. If the above DIY solution does not work, we do not recommend trying other DIY services. More often than not, this can lead to more damage to the carpet and thus leave you with the need to hide the damaged area or get a replacement. 

Instead, could you hire a professional? They can clean the stain up for you using more thorough professional methods that you cannot find in-store. On top of that, they will ensure that only the right techniques and systems are used to reduce the risk of damage. 

Are you trying to lift those old stains in Chertsey and surrounding areas? Then you can get the help you need from the Carpet Cleaning Pros. Give us a call about your stained carpet and rugs, and we can give you the expert advice and solutions you need to restore that carpet to as good as new once again!


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