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Why Is My Carpet Giving Off Awful Smells After Cleaning

Why Is My Carpet Giving Off Awful Smells After Cleaning?

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If you have recently gone to the effort of cleaning your carpet, it stands to reason that you would want it to smell nice. A clean carpet should smell great since you have removed all of the dirt and dust that was building up. However, often, we can find that our carpets smell worse after cleaning than they do beforehand. Why is this?

It can be naturally quite annoying to go through the effort of a carpet clean only to have a horrible smell attach itself to your nostrils. There are some reasons why this might happen, though. To help you understand why your carpet still smells after carpet cleaning, take the following into account. It might help you to pinpoint what the problem is so that you can set about resolving it.

Why Does A Carpet Smell After Cleaning?

The Backing Is Wet

Almost any carpet will have some kind of backing that is used to help level out the carpet and add an extra sponge to the underneath. This makes the carpet comfier to walk on. Yet, when a carpet is cleaned, it is common for the backing to end up soaked. If that happens, it must be dried properly. 

If you have not dried out the backing, then you are probably looking at the main reason for your carpet smelling so sour. The main thing to do is to turn on things like the heating and to also open the windows. Warm, dry air is going to be the most effective choice for getting that backing to dry up as it should.

Presence of Mildew

If the wetness is severe enough that it has impacted the backing of the carpet, you might be in for a pretty expensive repair job unfortunately. This happens when the backing gets extremely wet and is not given enough time to dry. Sadly, if you have been dealing with this sour smell for a few days or weeks then mildew has likely already set in. This probably requires the backing to be replaced.

Before you do that, though, shampoo the carpet with a water and white vinegar mixture. This should produce some pretty meaningful results in getting rid of most mildew – though for severe cases it might not be enough.

The Mess Has Soaked Through

Whether it is a food spill, a drink stain, or your pet doing their business where they most certainly should not, the severity of the spill/stain can linger. Even after carpet cleaning, that smell might have managed to damage the backing. During carpet cleaning, this stained area can become wet again and thus re-activate that horrible smell lingering in the air.

The best bet here is to dry the carpet as thoroughly as you can. This is the best way to help deactivate that smell. If the stain was ad enough to pierce through to the carpet backing, then the only thing you can do to limit the damage is either replace the backing (timely and expensive) or dry it out thoroughly. 

If you are struggling to overcome these horrible smells in Basingstoke and surrounding areas, the Carpet Cleaning Pros team can assist you. We use high-end cleaning solutions and detergents that will get deep into the carpet and lift even the most lingering and horrible of smells once and for all. For a cleaner atmosphere, start here!


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