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What Helps Removing Carpet Stains

What Helps Removing Carpet Stains?

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Get Rid Of Carpet Stains Before Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you own a carpet, you no doubt will need to contend with a carpet stain at one point or another. This can become an expensive issue, especially if the stain is with something rich like tomato or red wine. If you are worried your carpet is ruined, try the following tip. 

This has proven effective for most DIY carpet cleaning – though it might not work for more serious/specific stains. For just about any typical/general stain, though, this should be more than enough to relieve the carpet from damage. 

Not seeing the results that you wanted? Then you should hire our team for some professional carpet cleaning. We can get to work on cleaning up the carpet on your behalf, ensuring that those pesky stains become a problem of the past.

The easiest catch-all solution for a carpet will be to mix a cup of warm water with a tablespoon of white vinegar and a ¼ teaspoon of washing-up liquid. When you combine this, you get a kind of reliable, general cleaner that you can use on most surfaces – including your carpets.

Take a clean, white cloth (avoid coloured cloths in case the colour transfers to your sofa) and start sponging the stained area. Avoid pouring an excessive amount of water onto the stain; sponge it and then blot the stain as often as you can. 

This works for most general stains, and the presence of some washing-up liquid will help to kill off the greasy nature of most stains.

For stains that are not lifting this way, you should try the above and then add in a bit of extra cleaning. To do this, you need to take some baking soda and sprinkle that over the impacted area. Weigh down the baking soda so that it absorbs and soaks into the stain. 

To do this, get some paper towels and leave them atop the baking soda. Then, could you weigh this down with a vase or something similar?

Leave this for as long as you can – overnight is ideal – and then in the morning, give this a vacuum up. This should help to get rid of the stain and any smells left lingering. For just about any typical stain that appears on a carpet, this should be a good enough 1-2 punch combo to get rid of the stain.

Sometimes, you might need to repeat the process. We recommend that you try the above process and then try the baking soda add-on. If this has made a difference but not removed the whole stain, repeat the process from start to finish a second time. 

If you still can see the unsightly presence of carpet stains, you should consider a more professional solution than DIY carpet cleaning. 

Are you not getting much success removing carpet stains in Redhill and surrounding areas? Then you might need some professional help. Luckily, our team at Carpet Cleaning Pros specialise in just this kind of service. Contact us today to arrange a chat about your carpet stains, and we are sure to have a solution that can get your carpet looking as good as new!


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