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What Are The Equipment Involved In Carpet Cleaning

What Are The Equipment Involved In Carpet Cleaning?

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Find Out What We Use For Professional Office Carpet Cleaning

If you own an office, then it is imperative that you do everything you can to keep your office nice and clean. At Carpet Cleaning Pros, we regularly assist with office carpet cleaning for our business clients. We regularly come up with a clear plan of action that works to the benefit of the individual involved. 

However, to help you understand what we do, we have put together a list of the equipment we tend to use. When you bring in the CCP team, we will bring a range of different pieces of carpet cleaning equipment. This helps us to clean your carpet to the highest standard. What do we use to get the job done?

What Equipment Is Used In Office Carpet Cleaning?

Vacuum Cleaning

The first and most important step is a high-quality vacuum cleaner. We use industrial standard vacuum cleaners so that we can get rid of even the most locked-down pieces of dirt and debris. Thanks to our attention to detail and the use of such high-quality tools, though, we can make short work of the dirt, dust, debris and mess that is built up within your carpet. 

Vacuum cleaning is always the first step to a professional office carpet cleaning solution.

Steam Cleaning

While not always used today due to other options, steam cleaning can be a popular choice in office carpet cleaning. This can help to really make the carpet look fresh again, using the power of steam to get deep into the carpet to lift up the mess that is caked underneath. When used properly, steam cleaning can really get to work on making sure that the mess is lifted up and removed accordingly.

Hot Water Extraction

Our primary tool for effective carpet cleaning is known as hot water extraction. This revolutionary method of carpet cleaning gets right into the fibres of the carpet and strips dirt out from the base layer. This is where most of the dirt ends up lying, and hot water extraction does a great job of breaking that dirt up and destroying it. This can then easily be cleaned and removed during the hot water extraction clean-up.

This is one of the best methods used today for carpet cleaning and is recognised for being among the most effective pieces of equipment we have. For any office carpet cleaning, we will use hot water extraction. 

Eco-Friendly Detergent

Alongside high-quality cleaning equipment like what we have mentioned above, we also use eco-friendly detergents. These work extremely well as they can get deep into the carpet and clean it from the deepest layers. This looks great and it also ensures that the carpet looks and feels extremely smooth to the touch. On top of that, steam cleaning can help to clean up dirty stains to ensure a cleaner-looking carpet. 

If you need help with office carpet cleaning in Pinner and surrounding areas, contact the Carpet Cleaning Pros today. We can provide you with a fair price estimate so that you can look forward to a fresher, cleaner office carpet once again!


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