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Top 7 Ways To Remove Odour From Your Carpet

Top 7 Ways To Remove Odour From Your Carpet

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Use These Simple Tips To Create Clean Carpets All-Year Round

If you are having a hard time dealing with your carpets, you might want to try and change how you clean
them. For clean carpets the whole year round, you need to be proactive and deal with stains and spills
as soon as they happen. The problem, though, is using the right kind of cleaning materials!
With that being the case, you might want to try and focus on the following ways to lift and remove odour
and smells from your carpet. These useful tips might save you from having to hire cleaning pros in the
first place.

The Best Ways To Lift And Remove Odours From Your Carpet Today

Fresh Air

Sometimes, all you need to do to remove that lingering smell is to get some fresh air involved. Fresh air
can be just what you need to help make the place smell a little nicer and ensure that you can lift the
damage within your carpet. Get the windows open and allow the place to be aired naturally. This can be
one of the best ways to get rid of general pongs and smells that linger in the air without having a direct
cause or source.

White Wine Vinegar

For any kind of carpet cleaning that you need to carry out, you should consider using some white wine
vinegar. It is a powerful and natural air freshener, and it can be great for getting rid of bacterial build-ups
within your carpet. Most of the time, this can be broken down into a spray bottle and then misted over the impacted area before being left to dry and vacuumed. One of the better DIY cleaning remedies!

Coffee Grounds

Do you have a load of old coffee grounds building up? Then you could use these to help get rid of some
carpet stains. Not all, of course. If you like the smell of coffee, it can be used to get rid of old, smelly
odours that are building up. Most of the time, you place the granules in a container and place this next to the impacted area overnight. This should overpower the lingering smell.

Essential Oils

While not always used for home cleaning and carpet care, essential oils can, in some ways, be a great
way to kill off lingering smells. Simply mix some essential oils with some white wine vinegar into a spray bottle and mist the area that is smelling off. Of course, you should check with the company who fitted your carpet to find compatibility with essential oils.

Baking Soda

The next option that we highly recommend you use is baking soda. Few carpet cleaning methods are
more effective than cleaning with baking soda. It is highly recommended as it can absorb moisture,
deodorise the spot, and clean away stains all at once. Most of the time, it simply needs to be spread, left to settle, and then hoovered up for cleaner carpets.

Green Plants

If you would rather let nature do the work for you, invest in some indoor green plants. Look for plants that can be effective at lifting smells from the air. Many plants can remove toxins and chemicals from the air, which can be a lead cause of the odours that you are suffering from. Plants like Boston Ferns and Peace Lilys are some of the most useful for deodorising the air and getting rid of that lingering scent.

Air Purifiers

Lastly, it might be best to invest in an air purifier – especially for those times of year when you cannot
have the windows open all day (like winter). Air purifiers can help to kill off and overpower smells, though be sure not to rely on this too much. Without actually dealing with the source of the scent, you run the risk of simply masking the smell as opposed to actually doing something about it and killing the source. If you are dealing with more particular and serious stains and odours in your carpet in Camberley and surrounding areas, contact the Carpet Cleaning Pros. We can give you some help and advice on the best things to do to help freshen up your carpet and get it smelling as good as new once again.


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