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Tips To Care For Your Carpet in Bromley

Tips To Care For Your Carpet in Bromley

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Use These Tips To Make Carpet Cleaning In Bromley Easier

As a homeowner in Bromley, you no doubt have carpets to help keep the heat in during the (many) colder months of the year. While carpets can be hard to keep in the condition you want, they can become especially troublesome if you allow the damage to worsen over time. That is why if you are struggling to keep your carpet in the right condition, you should consider the following tips.

This will make carpet cleaning in Bromley a far less arduous task than it might feel at this moment. Start here and put these tips to work, and you should be more or less guaranteed a cleaner carpet!

Reliable Carpet Cleaning Tips For Bromley Homeowners

Make A Cleaning Schedule

The first thing you should do is make sure that you set a clear schedule for carpet cleaning. Life moves at such a pace that it can be easy to forget about cleaning your carpet: if you set a plan, though, you are far less likely to fail. It would help if you were aiming for at least a weekly vacuum clean and then a bi-weekly ‘deep’ clean. This should, if possible, include the use of a steam cleaner.

Give Your Carpet A Brush

Especially in the more high-traffic parts of your carpet, you are probably looking at the carpet looking flattened down. This can take the aesthetic of the carpet away, and you might decide it is better to take a brush to the most walked-on parts of the carpet. You can try and create a consistent pattern when brushing so that you know that your carpet will retain a specific look and pattern all the way through.

Do Not Discard Stains

If you drop something on your carpet, do not try and hide the stain or ignore it. The sooner you can counteract a stain, the easier it will be to lift up and remove the damage that has been done. Focus on doing this as soon as possible because a stain that is left to fester will become caked into the carpet fibres. On top of that, this can leave you with a lasting smell that is hard to ignore.

Baking Soda Is Your Friend

A good solution to help keep your carpet smelling fresh is to look for the source of the bad smells in your carpet. It could be a stain, a pet doing its toilet where it should not, or a common house smells like cigarette smoke or food. Go around the carpet and liberally drop baking soda around the whole carpet, especially focusing on areas where the smell is most prominent. Leave this to linger for a few hours, preferably overnight, and then hoover up the baking soda. This should help to deodorise the carpet.

If you are still struggling to get that carpet looking immaculate in Bromley and surrounding areas, call the Carpet Cleaning Pros. One of our Bromley team can come out and look at your carpet to find the best way to go about cleaning it for you. From steam cleaning to hot water extraction, we will find a solution to deliver the best results for the fairest price.


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