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Signs of a Carpet Moth Infestation

Signs of a Carpet Moth Infestation

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Look out for the signs that you need a carpet moth treatment

When it comes to carpet conditioning, one topic that often slips the mind is the presence of carpet moths. These horrible blighters can take over your carpet in a short manner of weeks. And since they can be quite tough to notice, you might only be aware of their presence when you begin to see serious carpet and rug damage. To help you avoid that, here are some common signs to look out for in your carpet.

If you notice these signs, it might be safe to say that you will need some form of carpet moth treatment. The sooner you get this looked into and dealt with, the better!

The common signs that you need a carpet moth treatment

Patchy holes in your carpet and rugs

If you notice little dead spots in your carpet and rug where they look worn down, this is a solid sign that you are dealing with a moth problem. Carpet moths themselves are not the problem; it is their larvae that feast on the fibres of our carpets. As such, if you start to notice little holes and a mess around the place, you should think about patching up those holes as soon as you can.

The signs of larvae

More disturbingly, you might start to notice that you are seeing actual larvae in the carpet itself. These often look like small cocoon-like objects, and they will be quite easy to spot if you look hard enough. You need to be proactive if you see these; get rid of them as soon as possible. This can be done using a vacuum cleaner and then a spray of some anti-moth treatment that you can buy online.

Moths appearing on your carpet

Another sign that you are dealing with moths is that you will see them moving around the carpet. This isn’t very good, of course, so you need to do something about this right away. You might also find that carpet moths stick to around your baseboard and around the darker spots on your walls. You should also ensure you do a thorough check underneath things like chairs, TV units, and other furniture.

Dealing with carpet moths the right way

While you can use various treatments and sprays, the best thin that you can do is call in the professionals. It is easy to think that you have dealt with a carpet moth problem when in reality, you have only removed the moths that you can see. Instead, it would help if you were looking to find solutions that remove the problem permanently. Instead of guessing what treatments work best, call in the experts.

They can provide you with a suitable solution to help lift that damage and ensure that your carpets stop being chewed alive. With the right care program, too, you can ensure that the moths that have been plaguing your carpets and upholstery become a thing of the past. 

If you have a moth problem in High Wycombe and surrounding areas, save time. Contact the Carpet Cleaning Pros ASAP. We can provide you with a proven solution to lift that moth problem and give you back your carpets without the damage that you are suffering from at present. One call is all it takes, so get in touch!


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