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Should You Use Detergent When Cleaning Carpets

Should You Use Detergent When Cleaning Carpets?

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Is Cleaning Carpet Fibres With Detergent A Good Idea?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are so many different options for what you can do. This range of choices, though, can make it hard to commit to one form of carpet cleaning over another. For example, you might have read that you should not use detergent when it comes to carpet cleaning. Is this true?

The challenge with answering this question is that not every carpet is the same. You might find that one particular material benefits from using detergent, while other carpets might need a specific kind of carpet cleaner to be used. Without taking the time to look into what your carpet is made of, you run the risk of using an incompatible cleaning solution that winds up doing more harm than good. 

With that being the case, you should probably take the time to research your carpet before you start any cleaning. Our advice is to check with the people who fitted your carpet so that you can find out what kind of cleaning methods they recommend. Otherwise, you should think about hiring a carpet cleaning service that can evaluate your carpet and make the right choice on your behalf.

Always Check Before Using Carpet Cleaning Detergent

Many a carpet has been ruined simply by using the wrong kind of carpet cleaning detergent. You can find that using the wrong type of detergent can lead to adverse reactions that damage the carpet, ruins the fibres, and/or strips the colour from your carpet in the first place. Naturally, this might put you off taking action.

However, you should be able to find a carpet cleaning detergent that works well on your specific carpet. One thing to always do is research what your carpet is made from and then speak with a carpet cleaning professional. They can give you advice on whether or not the carpet can be cleaned with detergent or not. This can also avoid you from making a mistake that ends up with you needing to replace your carpet.

Our advice is to always look to use eco-friendly carpet cleaning detergents, too. These tend to be made from far less abrasive chemicals and thus are less likely to lead to damage to most carpet types. Still, even with an eco-friendly carpet cleaning detergent, you can run the risk of damaging your carpet if it is used on the wrong kind of fibres or it is used in excess.

The main thing to do is to read closely into what options are available to you. Once you understand the options that you have, it can feel easier to buy a detergent and use it with confidence. 

Unsure about what kind of detergent you should be using in Hackney and surrounding areas? Then do not take the risk of damaging your carpet. Instead, contact the Carpet Cleaning Pros. We can give you advice on what detergent to use, or we can carry out the carpet cleaning for you. Whatever kind of carpet care help you need, we can make sure you get it!


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