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Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner Rental vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

Got a rug or carpet you want to clean at home? Then you might be thinking about Rug Doctor carpet cleaner rental. However, you might also think about avoiding the DIY option and just hiring professional carpet cleaning services. Need a hand deciding? Then here are some important things to think about regarding your choice of Rug Doctor carpet cleaning versus professional carpet cleaning.

Rug Doctor carpet cleaning

So, one thing to note is that Rug Doctor carpet cleaning tools are excellent. We do not dispute that. However, the actual process of cleaning a carpet is one that takes a lot of time. It also requires a thorough level of repeating over the same areas of the carpet. It also means buying all of the right cleaning solutions, again adding to the cost.

Many people see renting Rug Doctor carpet cleaners as the ‘cheap’ option but think about the time involved. You could lose a day, even days, trying to manage your carpet. And if you do not use the just-right carpet cleaning solution or you make a mistake you could impact your carpet negatively.

This means you have spent both time and money. The cost of renting a Rug Doctor, buying the cleaning agents, moving all of your furnishing out of the way, cleaning the carpet, drying the carpet, and delivering post-cleaning care is a huge undertaking.

The time and effort involved might sound easier than paying a professional, but not everyone agrees. Add in the risk of using the wrong cleaning agent or making a mistake with the Rug Doctor, and the money you ‘save’ is soon eaten up in both time and potential mistakes.

Professional carpet cleaning

By contrast, with professional carpet cleaning your only worry is the quality of the company. You know that your money, though, is guaranteed to get you a cleaner carpet if you hire the right person. They bring the tools, the techniques, the cleaning agents, and the manpower. This means that you do not have to do anything other than book in a professional.

Of course, you want to make sure you hire the right person. This means researching local carpet cleaning companies who can take on the job for you. Once you find someone who is highly recommended and proven to do a good job, though, you can soon make sure the carpets that you have are brought back to life. So long as you hire the right person, the quality of the job and the time that the job takes becomes far smaller than it would be with a DIY job. The end results, too, always look better.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner

If you decide that DIY carpet cleaning is not for you, then there are many ways to find the right person to assist. One place to start is with our team at the Carpet Cleaning Pros. We can step in to offer a thorough, professional carpet cleaning service that can do a far better job than even the most thorough DIY cleaning with a Rug Doctor.

Is using a Rug Doctor a good choice? Yes, they are proven to do a fine job in the right hands. However, hiring a carpet cleaning service means knowing you have someone who is experienced, knows what cleaning agents to use, and understands the importance of the entire process.

Time is money – save yourself valuable time, and eventually money, by using a professional carpet cleaner as opposed to a DIY rental cleaning service. The end results always justify the means.

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