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Is Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning Better Than Domestic

Is Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning Better Than Domestic?

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Steam cleaning: DIY? Or a job for commercial carpet cleaning companies?

When it comes to looking after our homes, we have so many methods that we can use for home care. Our carpets are no different: carpet cleaning methods come in all shapes and sizes. As such, it can be tough to work out what kind of carpet cleaning methods you would benefit from using the most. One thing to focus on, though, is steam cleaning.

Regarded as one of the best carpet cleaning methods, steam cleaning helps to really bring carpets (and upholstery) back to their original lustre. However, are you better off hiring commercial carpet cleaning companies? Or can you get the same quality of job using a store-bought steam cleaner? Let’s investigate.

Should you use carpet cleaning companies for steam cleaning, or do it yourself?

There is often no ‘right’ answer, but you need to ask yourself this: are you willing to commit the funds to buy the equipment? 

Steam cleaning your carpet is not cheap. You will need to buy a suitable steam cleaner, which will cost you a decent amount of money. You also then need to make the time to go about your carpet and upholstery and clean accordingly. Beforehand, you will need to vacuum the entire place so that you are not steam cleaning a dirty carpet. Get the vacuum out, clean it, and then start steam cleaning.

On top of that, steam cleaning takes time. If you are expecting to clean your carpet and upholstery in less than a few hours, you are likely to be mistaken. This is a long, arduous process – if you want to do it right. Add in the fact that you are paying for the equipment, and this can feel like an expensive mistake.

By contrast, hiring a commercial carpet steam cleaning company can be much easier. Yes, you do not get to keep the equipment. But you can have them clean your carpet and upholstery while you are at work. You can find that they do a much better job than even the most thorough of DIY carpet cleaning services. This results in a high-quality end result that looks great and improves the carpet overall.

On top of that, you will find that you can simply go about your day and come home to a nice, fresh carpet and upholstery combination. This means that you only have to pay out the money for the service: the results, the quality, and the speed of work is going to be much more impressive than a DIY job can produce. If you are looking for the best blend between value for time and money, hire the pros. 

If you are looking for a commercial steam cleaning for your carpet in Ruislip and surrounding areas, the Carpet Cleaning Pros can make your life so much simpler. Take a look and see what we are able to offer you. With our steam cleaning, you can make a real headache of a job vanish. Save yourself time, money and effort – hire the professionals and let us resolve your carpet issues!


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