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How To Remove Odours From Carpet

How To Remove Odours From Carpet

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Try this cleaning carpet method to get rid of those horrible smells!

If you have a carpet at home, then over time, it is likely to lose some of its original lustre. Sadly, this is just part of carpet ownership: even the best cared-for carpets will eventually require replacement. If your carpet is beginning to smell, though, that can be harder to mask than an untidy carpet. If the smells are like smoke, pet smells, or food/drink stains, please do so as soon as you can.

The sooner that you can get rid of that odour, the better. Where, though, do you begin when it comes to cleaning carpet odours? The best solutions that we can provide are effective. To help eliminate odour from your carpet, the only item you need to get started with is some baking soda!

Getting rid of carpet odour the easy way

The first place to start any odour removal in a carpet is to use some baking soda. Many professionals use baking soda as it can provide a thorough cleanse from lingering smells. This works because it absorbs the moisture – the most likely cause of the smell – and then deodorises the smell by trapping it within the baking soda itself. 

If you are dealing with odours that will not lift or fade away, then you will find that applying some baking soda to the impacted area will be a good place to start. You can even see that simply walking around your carpet and liberally throwing down some baking soda all over can be a good place to start. Liberally sprinkle it around the carpet, leave it to sit overnight, and then vacuum up your carpet.

This is often enough to get rid of most carpet smells. If this does not work on the first attempt, try again and see if this helps to lift the odour once and for all. This will only work sometimes, but it should be a useful cleaning option for the most part.

Another choice to try would be using some white wine vinegar. Easy to find in stores, this is a very strong natural air freshener that also is antibacterial. Add white wine vinegar into a spray bottle and then mist the areas where the smell is most noticeable. Leave this for a few hours, and then vacuum the impacted area. This should hopefully get rid of the scent – both the original smell and the pungent smell of vinegar!

Still not happy with your carpet smells?

If you are still unsure about the smell of your carpet, look for professional help. Given baking soda is such a strong deodorant, it should be capable of lifting almost any smell over time. If this needs to be fixed, you might need more help and a more specific cleaning method. 

Having a hard time getting rid of those lasting odour in Epsom and surrounding areas? The Carpet Cleaning Pros is just a call away. We can help you to lift all but the most serious of stains and odours from your carpet so that it can smell as good as new once again. Please feel free to contact us today for advice and insight into what we can do.


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