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How to clean this sofa

How to clean this sofa?

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Try this out before you get in touch with professional sofa cleaners

When you have a sofa at home, it is obvious that you want to keep it looking good for as long as you can. Nobody wants to come home to smelly or dirty upholstery. Yet, as you have probably found, cleaning sofas is not quick or simple. It often requires quite a lot of spare time and plenty of elbow grease if you want to see the best results. With that in mind, you might consider just hiring professional sofa cleaners.

And while that is a very wise choice, you can clean your sofa using some catch-all cleaning methods. If you are wondering ‘how do I clean this sofa?’ then you should try the following method. This should help to lift most serious stains from a sofa, ensuring that you do not need to worry about the sofa getting worse. Over time, this should help to improve the condition of your sofa and reduce the need for a replacement anytime soon.

How to clean a sofa without needing professional help

First off, make sure that you look at the care tag on your sofa. Almost any sofa that you buy will come with instructions for cleaning, as well as a care tag that breaks down the basics. Read over this and take the instructions seriously: if it says not to use a certain cleaning agent, then do not take the risk!

Most sofas should simply benefit from thorough vacuum cleaning. Get started by making sure you give all of the cushions a thorough vacuum. Then, start working on other areas of the sofa such as down the sides of the cushions. If you can live up the cushions, do so. Remove them and clean down every part of the sofa. Then, focus on the arms and the sides. This should get almost all of the dust building up.

Now, you should look for parts of the sofa that look a bit worse for wear. Look for darkened areas, discoloured patches, and any stains that you might spot. If you see these, you should look up a guide for each kind of stain. Most of the time, though, it is a safe bet to assume that using some baking soda on that particular stained section and then leaving it overnight to air is a good starting point.

Avoid where possible using sofa cleaning goods bought from supermarkets. Most of the time, these come with chemicals that might impact negatively on the condition of your sofa. Start by using something nice and simple like a quick water wash and then, if needed, the baking soda above.

Vacuuming, water washing, and then perhaps using some baking soda on impacted areas should produce a positive end result. If you feel like you are not seeing the results you want, though, it might be better to hire a professional than take any needless risks with the condition of your sofa. 

If you need a hand dealing with sofa cleaning in Sandhurst and surrounding areas, the Carpet Cleaning Pros can give you all of the help and support you need. Give us a call today and we can arrange everything you need to help clean up that upholstery and keep it looking as good as new for longer.


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