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How to clean office carpet tiles

How to clean office carpet tiles

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Understand the basics of how to clean office carpet tiles here

If you have carpet tiling in your office, it will begin to look worn down over time. The high-traffic nature of office carpet tiles means they often start to look pretty dirty. This can bring down the general mood and aesthetic of the office. On top of that, it can make your workplace look dirtier than it is. As such, you should use the following method to learn how to clean office carpet tiles and make them look as good as new once again!

How to clean office carpet tiles without having to hire the professionals

There are several things to focus on when it comes to cleaning office carpet tiles. One such focus, according to the Carpet and Rug Institute, is to focus on vacuuming high-traffic areas at least twice per week. This helps to avoid any build-up of dirt and ensures that any dirt present isn’t being forced and pressed into the fibres of the tile. So, make sure that you start by giving your carpet tiles a twice-weekly vacuuming. This is best done when the office is shut so staff aren’t compounding matters.

It would help if you then spent some time looking at the tiles that look like they need the most work. Some sections will look as good as new just with vacuuming; others probably need a bit of extra work and effort. We recommend that you take any carpet tiles that look grubby and give them a clean per the manufacturer’s directions. Every carpet tile manufacturer should be able to provide you with a care suggestion.

Most of the time, though, using some mild detergent paired with blotting and a white cloth should be enough to help lift those stains. Also, could you make sure to give the carpet tiles a thorough rinsing once you finish? This will make it less likely that the carpet will suffer from detergent stains.

If you need to leave your carpet tiles to dry, you can leave them on the floor or hang them up like you would typical washing. Most carpet tiles will lift and place back down easily, so keep that in mind. This is the easiest way to keep on top of those carpet tiles. 

Regular vacuuming and then focusing on cleaning the dirtiest spots with some mild detergent (or whatever your carpet tile manufacturer suggests) should be just what you need to keep things ticking along. 

If you use the above cleaning methods  and are not seeing the results you would like, you probably need to consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. They can help to revive those old carpet tiles and ensure that they last for a few more years yet. 

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