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How to Clean Carpet (Without a Machine)

How to Clean Carpet (Without a Machine)

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Clean your carpet the way that professional carpet cleaners used to

In the modern world, we are so reliant on technology to get things done that it is easy to forget the ‘old ways’ of doing things. Take, for one example, the machinery used by professional carpet cleaners today. Carpet cleaning is not an easy task, and the use of machinery can simplify what is often a pretty complex process. 

However, if you lack the space or the money to invest in such machinery, you do not need to let your carpet rot. Instead, you can use some more ‘old school’ cleaning methods that should help to add some life and energy back into your carpet. So, where do you get started? What should you focus on here?

As noted by specialist Shark, there are many ways to care for a carpet without investing in a carpet cleaning machine. You can try some of the following methods to keep that carpet looking great without machinery.

How to clean carpets without carpet cleaning machinery

Start with vacuuming

The best place to begin with any carpet cleaning you carry out will be to use a vacuum cleaner. You could, of course, brush it yourself with a brush and shovel, but this takes a long time. Your best bet is to get some elbow grease involved and give your carpet a vacuum using your typical household vacuum cleaner. Start here, and you will make it much easier to keep your carpet fresh and clean moving forward.

Create a cleaning mixture

The next thing you should do is create a mixture of cold water and some white vinegar. This method will require you to put in a lot of time and effort. Start by making the mixture and putting it in a spray bottle, then spray the carpet as much as you can. Allow this to lie on the carpet for a few moments, and then begin blotting the carpet – avoid scrubbing, though, as this can lift the fibres.

This will eliminate stains and dirt build-ups that might not be lifted using a standard vacuum cleaner.

Get out the baking soda

Another option to clean your carpet without a carpet cleaning machine is to use some baking soda. This is especially useful for spillages and stains that will not lift with the above two options. Start by taking some baking soda and place some baking soda atop the stained areas of your carpet. Sprinkle this over the site, and then leave it overnight. 

Come back the next morning and vacuum it up, and you should find that the stain should be lifted. If baking soda won’t lift the stain, it probably needs a machine to lift the damage once and for all! 

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