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How to clean a leather sofa without chemicals

How to clean a leather sofa without chemicals?

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Try this leather sofa cleaning method before hiring professional sofa cleaning services

If you have a leather sofa, it is likely one of your most beloved accents. Leather sofas tend to be one of the primary pieces of décor within a room, and it can be your place for sitting down to relax, watch TV, play video games and/or socialise with the people you love. The only problem with leather is that cleaning it can be tough – and cleaning it with chemicals can lead to some pretty major sofa damage!

To avoid that particular issue, we highly recommend that you try to clean your leather sofa without chemicals. This is not easy, but before you need to hire professional sofa cleaning experts like ourselves, we recommend that you try this method. 

Not only will this get your sofa clean and fresh looking, but it will ensure that it looks better without the risk of chemical cracking and other irritations. If you want to try and simplify what is often a complex and time-consuming process, be sure to try out the following leather sofa cleaning method.

Since this does not use chemicals, you do not have the same worries about damaging the leather and making it look worse!

How to clean a leather sofa without using chemicals

Getting started

  1. The first step is to ensure that you properly disinfect and clean that leather sofa before you do anything else. Create a cleaning solution that involves an equal mixture of water and vinegar. Mix this into a bowl, and then give your sofa a thorough vacuum clean. Get rid of all of the dirt and dust that you can see. Once you do this, begin cleaning the sofa down using the water-vinegar mixture made above.

    Be sure to use a soft cloth not to scratch or scrub the leather too much. Also, ensure that the fabric is damp, as opposed to drenched in water, and then start wiping at any areas of the sofa that look tatty or dirty. Once you have wiped down these spots, you should wipe down the couch using a dry cloth. Yes, this might take a bit of time, but it is sure to leave you with a sofa that looks much fresher.

    This should eliminate any typical kinds of staining and damage that might make your leather sofa look less than the sum of its parts.

Dealing with serious stains

  1. What if you are dealing with stains that are more serious, such as ink stains? Then you should start by getting some rubbing alcohol. Dip a cotton ball into the rubbing alcohol, and then gently dab at the ink stain that has appeared on the sofa. Do this until you see it is lifting – again, do not rub, as you risk the ink being spread by rubbing. Apply some more rubbing alcohol to a second ball and repeat.

    When it’s finished, please pat down the area with a dry cloth. Hopefully, this should be most or all of the ink. If you are dealing with stains such as grease marks left from a food spillage, then you probably need to use some mixture involving baking soda, vinegar, and water. Create a mixture using this, and then blot the impacted area using this combination. Again, please do everything you can to avoid rubbing or excessive scrubbing, as you risk damaging the leather and/or smearing the stain to make it worse.

    One thing to avoid using on your leather sofa would be disinfecting wipes. Sure, they look easy to work with, but they tend to contain chemicals that do not play nicely with leather sofas. For that same reason, we avoid recommending things like cleaning agents, baby wipes, and dishwashing liquid. We often turn to dishwashing liquid for stains and spills, but it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

    Your leather sofa is not cheap to replace, so you should try the above cleaning methods. If these do not work, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning specialist to see what they can do for you. 

    Are you having a headache with your upholstery in Teddington and surrounding areas? Our Carpet Cleaning Pros can get your leather sofa looking as good as new once again. Reach out to us today for a competitively priced solution that we guarantee will have your sofas looking as good as new once again!


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