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How Much Do Carpet Cleaners Cost To Hire

How Much Do Carpet Cleaners Cost To Hire?

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What Kind Of Price Do Carpet Cleaners Charge On Average?

If you have a carpet that needs to be cleaned, then depending on the condition it might be best to contact the professionals. A carpet that has become stained, dirty or otherwise in poor condition might need a more professional clean than a quick DIY vacuum clean and scrub. Luckily, the UK has many excellent carpet cleaning services that you can rely upon to give your carpet the once-over that it needs.

However, as you might have already found out, many carpet cleaners can be quite opaque when it comes to providing you with a price. This can make it hard to know roughly what kind of price you should be expecting to pay for carpet cleaning. Speak to three different companies and you will likely get three different prices!

To help you get a rough ballpark figure for what you might be charged, we have aggregated the average price for UK carpet cleaning services. This can give you a general understanding of where your fees start and end.

How Much Money Do Carpet Cleaners Charge For Their Services?

In general, you will find that a carpet cleaning service will start at a cost of around £60 per hour. However, for more strenuous cleaning or for more in-demand companies you could be looking at around £100+ per hour. Commercial carpet cleaning can be more expensive again. It simply depends on a few factors, such as:

  • The condition of your carpet – does your carpet need a general once-over or a more strenuous, thorough clean?
  • The size of your carpet – is your carpet only in one or two rooms, or does it take up the majority of your home or property?
  • The shape of your carpet – is the layout simple enough, or does your carpet cover a variety of different shapes?
  • The preparation needed – will your rooms need to be cleared and emptied before carpet cleaning can take place? 

These are just a few of the deciding factors that might determine how much money you will be paying for a carpet cleaning service. An experienced service, though, will generally start at around £60 per hour. You might be able to find someone cheaper than this, but this often means hiring someone inexperienced or ill-equipped to do the job to the standard that you would want.

The main thing you need to find out when evaluating carpet cleaning companies is how long they think they will take. General carpet cleaning can be done in a couple of hours, but more strenuous cleaning using solutions like hot water extraction might revolve around a more extensive cleaning arrangement that adds a couple of extra hours to the job. 

As ever, you should find all of this out before you commit to hiring a company. Use the above as your starting guide for a price, though, and you should not be far off knowing what you will pay for carpet cleaning services in the UK today. 

For an upfront and competitive price on carpet cleaning in Fulham and surrounding areas, contact the Carpet Cleaning Pros. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with a fair price for the carpet cleaning services that you need. Arrange a visit with our staff today and we can give you the best price that we can for your carpet cleaning needs moving forward.


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