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How do you remove stains from a brown carpet

How do you remove stains from a brown carpet?

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Clean your carpets without the use of a local carpet cleaning service

Carpets are a brilliant investment, but they take more effort to clean and care for than most people realise. When you spill something on a hardwood floor, it takes a bit of elbow grease and some basic cleaning to lift it. When you spill something on a carpet, though, the work required to fix it can be quite surprising! 

With that in mind, are you in the process of dealing with some spillage on your carpet? Then you might want to look at some solutions. Before you go ahead and call a professional local carpet cleaning service, you should consider trying the below solution first. This might help you to clean that brown carpet before you need to call in the experts!

Of course, if you try the below and still have a messy carpet, you probably should quit while you are ahead. You are likely dealing with a particularly tough stain, and it might be wise to call in a professional. They can provide insight and advice on lifting the stain and ensuring that it can be resolved without any collateral damage.

How to clean a brown carpet of stains without the pros

First off, do not delay in lifting up as much of the excess as you possibly can. The sooner you act, the easier dealing with this stain will be. Scrape off any solids that were involved in the spillage (if any) using a spoon. 

Then, start to blot away as much of the leftover liquid as possible using a white cloth. Make sure it is an absorbent material. Never rub the stain, as you are likely to force it into the carpet and make it more likely that the stain will become permanent. 

At this point, you should use a carpet stain remover. You can make one at home by combining one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, 1 quart of warm water, and a ¼ tablespoon of white vinegar. Use this on the stain, but do not put too much – you do not want to soak the stained area overly. This can impact the backing of the carpet, so make sure that you are not too thorough with the water.

Let this sit atop the stain for 10-15 minutes, and then blot again using a clean absorbent cloth. Keep going until you see that the stain is no longer appearing on the cloth. Once you are done, cover the damp patch with a cloth or paper towel, weighing them down so they do not move. 

Come back to this later, and you should be looking at a clean spot on your carpet. If the stain is still present, you should consider getting in touch with a local specialist to give your carpet a proper clean

Struggling to lift those carpet stains in Cobham and surrounding areas? Then ABC. Carpet Cleaning Pros can resolve your brown carpet stains for you. Please reach out to us today to arrange a consultation, and we can take a look at your carpet and work out what the best cleaning methods will be.


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