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How do I get pet stains and odour out of the carpet

How do I get pet stains and odour out of the carpet?

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Lift those pet stains before trying the carpet cleaners professional solution

Pets. They are the light of our life, but they can also quickly become the bane of our existence. When you allow a pet to damage and soil your carpet, you can be looking at quite the headache as you try and resolve the matter. With that in mind, we recommend that you do not panic. Instead, you might want to try this quick and simple cleaning solution.

If this does not work, then you should probably think about hiring professional carpet cleaners. They can get to work on the stain for you and use a targeted solution that will clean up the carpet once and for all. Before you go to the expense of hiring the pros, though, we recommend that you try this quick and easy solution.

It might not work for every kind of carpet, but it is worth trying as a solution that might save you from having to bring in the experts

How to get rid of pet stains on a carpet

If you are dealing with a pet stain, then it is pretty likely that it is already dried or drying. Pets will soil the carpet because they never got outside, or because they lack training. As such, you might not notice the damage until you come home and spot the stain – and the smell!

With that in mind, you should consider starting off by rinsing the spot that has been stained by your pet. This should be done using plain, cold water. If you can use, a vacuum cleaner that can hold water. Keep wetting the area and then use the vacuum to bring up the water. If you lack such a vacuum cleaner, then you can get much of the same results by blotting – not scrubbing – the impacted area with some cold water and clean towels.

This might get rid of the stain, but not the smell. If the smell is lingering and annoying you, then use an enzymatic cleansing cleaner. These cleaners tend to be quite good at getting rid of and breaking down the smell entirely. However, make sure that it is specifically a cleaner for pet stains or it might not work. Also, ensure that this kind of enzymatic cleaner can be used on the material your carpet is made from.

Another option to consider trying is filling up a spray bottle with a cup of distilled white vinegar and then one cup of water. Add in one or two teaspoons of baking soda, too. Shake this together to mix it up, and then spray it on the stain. Allow this to sit on the stain for a few moments, and then blot it with a towel – again, blot! Avoiding any kind of forceful rubbing is going to be very important here. 

Still struggling with a pet-stained carpet in Wokingham and surrounding areas? Then the Carpet Cleaning Pros can handle the issue for you. Contact the team today and you can get all of the advice you need on lifting up that carpet stain and getting your carpet back to being as good as new.


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