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How do I clean a stain out of my white carpet

How do I clean a stain out of my white carpet?

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Try this quick tip before you go for a professional carpet clean

If you have a carpet at home, then it is likely that you do everything you can to avoid spilling anything on it. As we all know, though, our best intentions can soon fall apart. That is why we recommend that if you have a white carpet at home you do not panic if you spill something on it. That stain is so obvious due to the contrast between a white carpet and the colour of the stain. Again, though, do not panic!

Before you start worrying, try the following DIY cleaning method. If that does not work, then you should hire a service offering a professional carpet clean who can get to work on tidying up the damage

What to try to clean a stain out of a white carpet

So, the stain has dropped and you rightly are worried you have ruined that luscious white carpet. Before you start panicking too much though, do yourself a favour: contact whoever fitted your carpet. They can give you a clear idea of what your carpet is made from so that you can research the right cleaning methods. For most general stains, though, you should be able to get it looking clean and fresh by following this quick process:

  1. Start off by taking a pair of spray bottles and emptying them of their contents. Fill one with some cold water. Fill the other with some washing-up liquid, around ¼ of a teaspoon. Then, add in some warm water – around one cup.
  2. Once you do this, you should take the second spray bottle and spray this onto a cloth that can absorb substances. Then, start to slowly and lightly dab the carpet – avoid rubbing the spot as you will just make the situation worse.
  3. As you see the stain lifting and dissolving, give it a quick rub with your cloth – use a clean section, obviously. Continue blotting until the still lifts. Now, take the cold water spray and put this on another cloth. Again, dab the area to get rid of any of the cleaning-up solution.
  4. Put some paper towels on top of the wet spot to absorb any liquid, and place something on top of them to keep them in place. Leave the towels overnight, and hopefully, this will soak up and dry up the spot so that it is going to look good as new.
  5. In the morning, give the carpet a quick fluff using your hands and then leave the air to dry the spot. Go about your day, and hopefully, the stain has been lifted once and for all. 

If this does not work, then you probably are facing a stain that needs a more specific cleaning approach. With that being the case, we highly recommend that you contact a professional carpet cleaning service. They can give you advice on what to do before moving forward. 

Not seeing the result that you want with your white carpet in Dorking and surrounding areas? Then get in touch with your local experts in the Carpet Cleaning Pros. We can give you all of the help and assistance you need to clean up your carpet and make it look better than ever!


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