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How do I clean a fabric sofa without professional cleaning

How do I clean a fabric sofa without professional cleaning?

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Can you clean up your sofa without hiring a sofa cleaning service?

If you have a fabric sofa at home, then you will be all too aware of how easy they are to damage. All it takes is an unfortunate slip of a plate, glass and/or sauce bottle and you could be looking at a pretty messy sofa indeed. Most of the time, your best bet for sofa cleaning is to hire a professional sofa cleaner.

To help you avoid having to do that right away, though, we recommend that you try out the following solution beforehand. If this does not work, you might want to hire that sofa cleaning service you were considering!

How to clean your fabric sofa on your own

To get started, you should first look to give the sofa a quick vacuum. This should be done with special focus paid between the cushions and down the sides, as this is where most of the dirt and build-up will formulate. This is also useful as it means that you are not rubbing any dirt or mess into the couch as you clean.

Once you have carried this out, you should mix together a blend of distilled water with one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Take this mixture and use a microfibre cloth, dipping it into the water-cleaning solution. Once you do this, start to blot the stained area with a cloth.

Do not rub, and avoid the temptation to try and scrub until you cannot see the stain any longer. That simply does not work, sorry. You actually run the risk of damaging the fibres of your sofa by rubbing the mess into the sofa and making the problem worse, not better.

It can be tempting to keep on scrubbing, but most of the time you will worsen the stain. You should take your time and blot the stain. Give it some time to dry, and then give it a quick pat down with a clean, dry cloth. If this does not work, then you are either dealing with a stain that is thicker than expected or needs a more high-end cleaning solution.

Always speak to the sofa company beforehand

OK, we understand that you are probably worried about the condition of your sofa. You want to get rid of that stain ASAP. But forcefully cleaning the stain is likely to do one of two things: damage the sofa, and cake the stain in so that it is even harder to lift. Also, you should do yourself a favour and contact the sofa company that you bought your upholstery from.

Explain the situation to them, and they can give you advice based on the make-up of the couch. Not every sofa should be cleaned using dishwashing liquid, for example, you might need to change the cleaning agent. Most of the time, they can give you an idea of what to clean with for better results.

If the stain is not lifting, though, you should consider contacting the pros before you make the situation worse. 

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