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Cleaning Carpets Yourself: Can You Beat The Pros

Cleaning Carpets Yourself: Can You Beat The Pros?

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Is Cleaning Carpets Yourself More Cost-Effective Than Hiring Professionals?

If you have a carpet at home, then it is natural that you will want to look after it as best you can. During those weekly house cleaning sessions, you probably give your carpet a once-over using the vacuum cleaner. And if you spot any stains, you probably look to blot them and deal with them as quickly as you can. For many, this leaves them to believe that they are doing enough to keep their carpets in condition.

Is this true? Most of the time, no. The problem with only vacuuming a carpet is that many of the most serious dirt build-ups cake to the bottom of the carpet. They begin to clump together and make it harder for a vacuum cleaner to lift them out of the carpet itself. When that happens, you are often left with a bit of a headache. Your carpet is not going to look great over time, and vacuuming will stop being so effective.

Cleaning carpets is something that you should do on a weekly basis, but you should leave deeper cleaning to the professionals. Why? Let’s take a look.

Why Carpet Cleaning Services Are Cost-Effective Over DIY Cleaning

The main reason why you should go down the route of hiring carpet cleaning professionals is long-term value for money. For a few hours of your time and money, a carpet cleaning company can bring comprehensive, high-quality cleaning materials and equipment to your home. They can clean your carpet using methods like thorough steam cleaning and hot water extraction.

If you were to try and apply these methods on your own, you are looking at hundreds of pounds worth of investment in the equipment. Then, you need to find the time to go about thoroughly cleaning your carpet. This means you have invested money and time into the carpet cleaning process. Given the cost of a carpet cleaning service starts at around £60 per hour, you might find it is much more cost-effective to hire.

Hiring a professional is so important because it ensures that the carpet is going to be cleaned to the deepest layers of the carpet fibres. They will generally look much better for longer than they would if you just gave them a quick vacuum once per week. After a deep clean, though, your weekly vacuuming produces much better results as the deep layer of dirt has been lifted and removed.

You could spend a lot of money on carpet cleaning equipment, or you could hire experts who know what they are doing—this results in better conditions, cleaner carpets, and longer-lasting results. At the same time, it means you do not have to commit several hours of your free time to carpet cleaning.

Overall, hiring professionals is going to be more cost-effective than buying tools like hot water extraction equipment. If you want to make your carpet cleaning as cost and time-effective as possible, hire the pros and stick to your regular weekly vacuuming. Together, this should be enough to keep that carpet looking great for years to come. 

If you want to hire professional carpet cleaners in Harlow and surrounding areas who guarantee you excellent value for money, reach out to the Carpet Cleaning Pros. We have the experience, the tools and the cleaning solutions that you need to know for a fact that the end results are going to be worth the time and money invested.


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