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Carpet Fresh with Odour Remover

Carpet Fresh with Odour Remover: Is this worth using?

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Can Carpet Fresh do the job that a carpet cleaner service can?

When it comes to DIY carpet cleaning, the sheer number of different tools on the market can make choosing the correct cleaning solution quite tough. One option that tends to come up quite a lot online is Rug Doctors’ Carpet Fresh with Odour Remover. Popular for DIY carpet cleaning, it is regarded as a pretty effective carpet and upholstery cleaning solution. 

For many, it can provide a quick and simple way to get your carpet and upholstery smelling fresh once again. Thanks to its enzymatic formula, the smells and odours building up in your carpet can be destroyed. That is why you might assume this is the standard cleaning solution. Do you get the same quality of cleaning that you would with a carpet cleaner service, for example?

The simple truth is that there is nothing on the market that can compare to a professional carpet cleaning service. Yes, Rug Doctor products are excellent for a DIY cleaning session that will improve your carpet. Compared to a professional, though, the results are not as effective. Why?

The results come down to your attention to detail

When you use something like Carpet Fresh with Odour Remover, you are using a very effective cleaning formula. However, just like any other cleaning formula, how effective it is depends on how thorough you are. If you produce a few quick sprays around the carpet and hope that is the end of the matter, you are mistaken!

The results and quality of the cleaning process will come down to primarily what you have committed in terms of ‘elbow grease’ and effort. If you go for a quick around the edges spray, you will not see the same results. To get professional standard cleaning, you need to be 100% committed to putting in the work and the attention to detail.

Save yourself hours of effort by hiring the professionals

While Rug Doctor products are affordable and easy to use, finding the time to clean your carpet thoroughly is not easy. Life comes at us at such a rapid pace that simply finding the time to dig in deep and clean up our carpets is more complex than it might have sounded in the first place. With that in mind, you might find it easier to call in the professionals anyway.

They can work on cleaning up your carpet while you are busy or at work, meaning that you do not have to find the time and the thorough patience needed to clean the carpet on your own. Yes, tools like Carpet Fresh are excellent products, but they still require you to find the time to go through that extensive cleaning. With a professional carpet cleaner service, you can benefit from top-quality cleaning and time saved. Result! 

Looking to get professional help in Oxford and surrounding areas? Then let us provide you with the cleanliness and conditions that you deserve. The Carpet Cleaning Pros can ensure that you get a cleaner, classier carpet without the need to get your hands dirty!


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