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Brief History of Carpet Cleaning Services

A Brief History of Carpet Cleaning Services

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Find out a quick history of carpet cleaning services

As one of the most commonly hired home cleaning services, carpet cleaning services are used on a regular basis by people up and down the country. Having your carpet cleaned by a professional makes a lot of sense – it can lead to a big jump in carpet conditioning. When done right, it can add years of life to your carpet, meaning that you do not have to invest in an expensive replacement anytime soon.

However, carpet cleaning services are not new. They have actually been around since the 19th Century. These services have been found advertised in the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution. As new tools began to arrive on the market, they made cleaning up our homes even easier. Before the arrival of such a service on the market, people would simply hide damaged parts of their carpet with something known as a ‘drugget’ – a heavy woollen spread that would be placed under tables and areas that were damaged.

This would provide some kind of protection from further damage, but compared to an actual carpet cleaning service, it would not provide the same end result. In richer homes, people would use a canvas cloth to cover their carpet during social engagements to help protect the carpet from damage.

A common problem in the 19th Century era was that many homes lacked proper ventilation. This meant most homes were hives of dust and soot, so the place was very dirty overall. Carpets had become a common fitting in homes due to their affluent nature, so they were a luxury. As such, keeping them in top condition was very important. 

The most common means of carpet cleaning was simply to beat the carpet using a corn broom. This would help to lift up much of the dirt and soot that was building up.

When did modern carpet cleaning services come to be?

The real first time that carpet cleaning as a service became a prominent feature was during the 1870s. During this time, the first vacuum cleaners that could be used manually came around. These were powerful and effective cleaning tools, and the Whirlwind was the first-ever vacuum cleaner of its kind. It was invented in Chicago, USA, and was famed for its lightweight nature.

However, like many early vacuums, it was a challenge to use. As time grew on, though, the likes of more modern vacuum cleaners began to arrive on the scene in the early 1900s.Very quickly, people began to use these cleaning products as part of a service. And thus, over time, carpet cleaning services were born. Many people could not afford to buy a vacuum cleaner, but they could afford to hire a professional who did have one themselves. 

Thus, the era of carpet and home cleaning services was born. Prior to the arrival of the vacuum cleaner, though, most people simply cleaned their carpets with a good old beating with a brush. Thankfully, we have moved far on from those times! 

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