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Save on average 35% compared to major pest control companies!

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Eradicate bed bugs with heat treatment in a single visit.


All bed bugs in
your home or business eradicated

Fast Results

One visit only
for complete eradication


Fast, effective chemical-free heat treatment


Unmarked vans and unbranded uniforms


Save 35% compared to major pest control companies


All bed bugs in
your homebusiness eradicated


One visit only


Fast, effective
chemical-free heat treatment


Zero hiding places
for bugs


Save an average of 35% compared to major pest control companies

What Kills Bed Bugs Instantly

Guaranteed bed bug eradication-fast!

ThermoPest’s bed bug heat treatment process is guaranteed to be 100% effective and can be completed in a single day!


Chemical bed bug treatments usually require several visits over several weeks—and even then, may not eradicate your bed bug problem.


With ThermoPest’s heat treatments, comprehensive eradication is assured—typically in a single visit and always cost-effectively, discreetly and with no chemical waste left behind.


  • Less disruption to your home, hospitality, care or transport business
  • Fewer complaints from guests/family members 
  • Bed bugs are eradicated before word gets around

Get permanent results with ThermoPest

 The heat treatment process offered by ThermoPest is not only 100 percent effective. It is generally completed in a single day!


Success rate




Chemical Treatments





Major pest control companies treatments





ThermoPest Heat Treatment




Yes—30 days

How does it work?

ThermoPest’s bed bug treatment uses specialist, high-powered convection heaters (18-200Kw) to raise and hold the temperature between 49°C and 60°C for an extended period. 

No bed bug (adult, nymph or egg) can survive this level of heat. It penetrates all cracks and crevices so that there is, literally, no hiding place for bed bugs.


Not sure if you have bed bugs?


No problem! We provide free bed bug identification. 

Simply upload pictures of why you think you may have bed bugs and we’ll give you our expert opinion. If need be, we’ll send someone out to inspect your premises to confirm if you have an infestation or not.

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Our unique 30-day guarantee

Our bed bug treatments use proven methods tested on thousands of infestation. To back this up, we offer a 30-day guarantee post-treatment:

If any signs of bed bug activity are detected within 30 days, we re-treat the area at no additional cost.*

*Acceptable proof of live bed bugs includes video or other evidence of bugs caught on trap

What do our customers think

ThermoPest delivered on their promise!

James who initially came out was very professional and the teams work has been a relief after trying another company (with a big name) which had failed to get us rid of the bugs and have charged us an arm and a leg without any guarantee.
Great customer service, a guarantee and are very flexible. I highly recommend their service to anyone who is dealing with that type of issue. Thank you so much for all your help.

Great service experience

Bed bugs are definitely not the kind of present you want to bring back from holiday but unfortunately we did- even after staying in a nice hotel chain! These guys offered a guarantee and a great price so we decided to go with them. It was a great decision as it took only only visit to get rid of the issue. Worth every penny. Plus we have not needed to call them back at all. Thanks to Jamie and team for sorting.

I've tried to get rid of bed bugs..

I’ve tried to get rid of the bed bugs (after unfortunately bringing them back from Thailand) myself, and I tried two other companies who cane out and sprayed and this was unsuccessful. I contacted these and someone came out the next day to survey my home and the treatment was booked in for a few days time. Safe to say I no longer have bed bugs and they even give you a guarantee. Thanks James and team.

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Who’s it for?

ThermoPest serves the whole of the UK. The service is designed for homeowners and any business that houses soft furnishings and has a large flow of people coming and going.

Typically, we are called out to kill bed bug infestations by:

No job is too big or too small.

For commercial businesses, we also offer monitoring contracts with 4, 6 or 12 visits per year to ensure no return of the pests and to protect your reputation

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