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If you are living in the Winchester area and you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning job done by experts, Carpet Cleaning Pros Winchester has got you covered.  Whether there’s a stain on your carpet in your home that you can’t get out, or your entire office block carpet just needs a general freshen up, we can carry out carpet and upholstery cleaning services to the highest of standards.  With Carpet Cleaning Pros, we believe that we can give the customer the best in every aspect of the job: we give a highly professional clean, with our NCCA-backed technicians able to fulfil any specification no matter how complex, and we are also able to provide excellent customer service.  We are proud to offer the very best in terms of carpet and upholstery cleaning in the Winchester area.

We always use the best practices, best machinery and best cleaning detergent for all of our jobs, never cutting corners or compromising on quality for the sake of saving on costs.  Our carpet cleaning service consists of the highest quality of hot water extraction, which is by far the most effective carpet cleaning method.  First, we pretreat the area with the suitable detergents which we choose upon seeing the material of the carpet and type of clean that is required, this means we can avoid doing any damage to the carpet.  Next, we use a high power hot water extraction machine that pumps hot water into the carpet fibres before immediately extracting it. This process will also deodorise and sanitise the carpet as well as remove stains and brighten it up.  We also apply an aftercare treatment to ensure no stains in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use professional carpet cleaning products, all of which are non toxic and environmentally friendly. All of our products are safe for use around children, animals, pregnant women and the elderly. For your safety we request that you do not step on your freshly cleaned carpets until they’re completely dry to avoid slipping.

Our specialist cleaning team has been trained to the highest professional standards and are all fully insured. If there is any breach of our strict terms and conditions, rest assured that you will be fully compensated.

At Carpet Cleaning Winchester we don’t make false promises. Unfortunately it is not possible for any carpet cleaning company to guarantee 100% that they will always be able to remove every stain. Several factors can make stains become permanent, such as the nature of the substance or the length of time it has been there. However, if you spill something on your carpet or rug, calling us immediately will increase the likelihood that we will be able to completely remove it. One thing we are sure of though, is that if we can’t remove a stain, no one can! 

Our team is available 7 days a week, we are flexible and strive to work around you and your schedule. Depending on your area, we can often provide you with a cleaning service within 24 hours of your call. Book your appointment today!

Woollen carpets will take roughly four hours to dry, other materials take around two hours. We also offer a quick drying service.

Within two working days.

We clean a wide range of different rugs and carpets, our team has been trained in cleaning various different fibres and materials. Please call us to find out more about the specific types of carpet we clean and whether we will be able to clean yours.

We do our utmost to meet our customers’ needs, please call us in order to discuss out of hours professional carpet cleaning.

We use the most powerful carpet cleaning machines and equipment on the market, as well as the highest quality detergents. At Carpet Cleaning Winchester only the best is good enough.

This all depends on how much foot traffic your carpets get, for a regular household we recommend twice a year. If your carpet is in a hotel or lobby, it will likely require more regular cleanings.

Our friendly carpet cleaning Winchester staff are happy to help move light furniture as long as there is no risk involved in moving it. For heavier furniture please call our team to discuss the best option.

We offer a stain repellant that can keep your carpets looking fresher for longer, especially when applied directly after a professional cleaning. Using a stain protector can even extend a carpets life and is particularly effective on areas of carpet which experience heavy foot traffic.

We encourage cashless payments and all of our team members carry card readers. You can also send a BACS payment upon completion of the job. If you wish to pay in cash please notify us when booking your appointment.

We believe in up-front honest pricing. All of our prices include VAT so you won’t be surprised by a higher price. If you choose to add additional services on the day then prices will be clearly explained so you know how much our carpet cleaning services will cost you.

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Our professional carpet cleaning service is available for your home or business in Winchester. We love Winchester, here’s 5 facts that might peak your interest.

  1. Winchester has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was actually the first capital city in England.
  2. Winchester is home to Europe’s longest cathedral.
  3. In 2005 the council painted 24 of the city’s bollards to depict famous works of art, such as the Mona Lisa.
  4. Winchester hosts one of the UK’s largest farmers markets, with over 100 different stalls.
  5. In march 2016, Winchester was named as the best place in Britain to live.


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