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Your local sofa and carpet cleaning professionals Weybridge

Cleaned incorrectly, sofa and carpet cleaning can actually make temporary stains permanent, or worse – spread mould around your home or business. It’s time to find a team that knows the professional way to clean and has the right equipment to get it done. If you are looking for a professional sofa or carpet cleaning service near me, get in touch with one of our Weybridge professionals today.

Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Experts, Weybridge

As local Weybridge carpet cleaning experts, we use advanced steam cleaning and hot water extraction techniques to lift dirt and restore vibrancy to carpets at reasonable prices.

Our cutting-edge hot water method reaches deep within carpet fibres to eliminate the toughest stains, dirt and odours other techniques simply cannot touch. We’ll pre-treat persistent stains with natural solutions to get out even set-in marks.

Our meticulous process revitalises carpets and upholstery in Weybridge homes to a like-new condition. Don’t tolerate dull, dirty carpets any longer – contact us today to experience the dramatic renewal our local Weybridge team provides.

We care for homes across all of Weybridge. Trust our experienced team of experts to return your carpets to their fullest beauty and keep them looking their absolute best and free from dirt, dust, and allergens. 

Benefits For Local Residents

Why Use Our Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets Like New

Basic steam cleaning alone doesn’t truly deep clean carpets. Our advanced hot water extraction method delivers unparalleled results that trusted Weybridge carpet brands recommend.
Our cleaning method penetrates deep into the fibres to instantly flush away dirt, stains and odours at the source. This cutting-edge technique lifts out more debris than standard steam cleaning.
The benefit is that the carpets in your Weybridge home will be returned to a showroom-quality condition after our service. Even impossible stains disappear, and persistent odours are removed completely.
Don’t settle for mediocre steam cleaning on your carpets. Our powerful Weybridge carpet cleaning service restores your carpets to their fullest beauty. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.
after our cleaning service. Even set-in stains will be lifted out. Embedded odours removed at the source.

Quick Call Outs

Oh no, a spill! We get it – accidents happen, even in the most careful Weybridge homes. As your trusted local carpet cleaners, we wish we could rush over immediately to treat fresh stains. But the reality is that our schedules book up fast.

Here’s what to do – blot that new stain right away to absorb as much liquid as possible. Then, give us a call to get on the books, even if your appointment is a week out. Don’t wait, or that stain may never come out.

Together, we can keep your Weybridge carpets and furniture looking amazing. Contact us ASAP after a mishap so we can revive your home when your booking comes. Trust our experts – we live to remove stains and restore your beautiful carpets.

A Cleaning Service That Lasts

Our advanced stain protectants create an invisible shield around each fibre to repel spills before they set in. While not completely impenetrable, they allow easy cleanup of most common mishaps.
We’ll pre-treat existing stains using custom solutions designed to target and eliminate each type of mark. Our disinfectants completely destroy odours and bacteria, too.
Don’t let future spills undo the revitalisation of our premier carpet cleaning. Our Weybridge team offers budget-friendly stain protection to maintain your carpets’ fresh look.
Trust our experts to keep your Weybridge carpets pristine and protected. Contact us to add this valuable layer of defence – your carpets will thank you.

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning Weybridge

We recently had my carpets cleaned by Harry from this company and he did an amazing job. My carpets have never looked better! If you're in the Weybridge area and searching for a carpet cleaning service, I highly recommend this company.
I have pets and kids, so my carpets take a beating. But after this service, you'd never know it. The stains and odors are gone, and my carpets are soft and fluffy again! Thank you Carpet Cleaning Pros
Me and my partner have recently bought a new home and the carpets were in pretty bad shape. I searched for 'carpet cleaning near me' and this company came up. They were able to make my carpets look brand new again. I'm so happy with the results and so glad that I didn't have to replace all the carpets in the house
About Your Local Carpet Carpet Cleaning Team

Our carpet cleaning crew at Carpet Cleaning Pros is well-known in Weybridge for going above and beyond. For 8 years and counting, we’ve delivered 5-star professional carpet and furniture cleaning to Weybridge households and surrounding areas.

As fully licensed, bonded, and insured members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA), you can feel at ease entrusting your carpets and upholstery into our care.

We take immense pride in exceeding expectations and making carpet cleaning as seamless and effective as possible for Weybridge families. Contact us today to experience our dedication to your home textiles.

carpet cleaning near me
Our Carpet Cleaning Statistics For Weybridge
  1.  The average cost of carpet cleaning in Weybridge is £35 per room.
  2.  95% of customers in Weybridge rate our carpet cleaning services as either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.
  3.  The average time for a carpet cleaning job in Weybridge is 2 hours.
  4.  The most popular type of carpet cleaning service in Weybridge is the entire home deep clean, used by 70% of customers.
  5.  The average cost of a full house carpet cleaning in Weybridge is £200.
Your Local Contact

Monday – Sunday : 08:00am – 20:00pm

Facebook – Carpet Cleaning Weybridge

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For Weybridge bookings and questions, contact Gavin, your dedicated local representative. With 8 years of caring for Weybridge homes, Gavin delivers personalised attention and premier cleaning services for carpets and upholstery.

Phone: 0808 196 8603
Email: weybridge@carpetcleaningprofessionals.co.uk

“Our team knows Weybridge closely – from riverside walks to shopping at the boutiques along Church Street. No matter if you live near landmarks like Cowey Sale or tucked away in Oatlands Village, our Weybridge carpet cleaners will treat your home with the expertise and care it deserves.”

Now that your carpets, rugs and upholstery are rejuvenated with our deep clean, let’s discuss maintaining that refreshed look.

As trusted Weybridge carpet care specialists, we aim to keep your carpets looking their best long after our professional services.

That’s why we offer optional stain guard treatments during cleaning to create a barrier against future stains. We also provide regular maintenance cleans between deep cleans to keep carpets and upholstery freshly cleaned right in your Weybridge home.

Our portable equipment and expertise make home maintenance cleaning convenient and effective.

Contact us to learn more about our stain options and regular cleanings. Together, we’ll keep your Weybridge textiles vibrant.

Over time, upholstery and sofas in Weybridge homes absorb dirt that leaves them looking worn and tired. As Weybridge’s most trusted upholstery cleaners, we specialise in revitalising fabrics to look brand new again.

Our certified Weybridge technicians use powerful equipment and gentle, eco-friendly solutions to meticulously deep clean all fabric types while preserving delicate textures.

The result? Sofas, chairs, and ottomans are transformed. Stains are eliminated, colours are restored, and dirt buildup is whisked away. Your upholstery is sanitised and protected from future bacteria.

With over 8 years of experience, you can trust us to customise our process and bring out the best in your Weybridge sofas. Contact us today to schedule the most thorough upholstery and sofa restoration!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Weybridge carpet cleaning professionals possess in-depth knowledge of a vast range of powerful cleaning products and proper application methods for outstanding results. We’re highly trained to select the ideal solutions that target stains in any carpet type while preserving fibres. You can rely on us to choose the most effective cleaners for flawless results in your Weybridge home.

Yes, we are – your carpet and home will be covered in any event

Our opening hours are 9-5, Monday to Friday, but if you do need an appointment outside these hours, we will do our best to accommodate that.

Depending on the kind of carpet and level of cleaning, drying should take 2-4 hours.

Yes, all of our technicians are fully trained and qualified members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, which is the recognised industry qualification used in the UK.

Absolutely – we are able to clean commercial properties of all sizes. simply let us know, and we will provide a quote.

Yes – we have full insurance, so no matter what happens, you will be covered.

Yes, even extremely dirty carpets can be restored with deep cleaning methods like hot water extraction. However, results are best when carpets are cleaned before buildup occurs. Severely neglected carpets may need multiple treatments.

No carpet cleaners can ever make a 100% guarantee that a stain will be removed, but we do know that our Weybridge team have all of the necessary knowledge and quality equipment to have the best chance of stain removal.

Yes, give accurate free quotes over the phone to all prospective customers based on the information given at the time.

This is dependent on the frequency of use of the carpet. As standard advice, we recommend once every 6 months, but in some circumstances, a more frequent clean might be required.

Yes, we only use non-toxic products that are perfectly safe for households that have children and pets.

Yes, as a part of the service, we will provide a protector to your carpet. This makes sure that it is more protected from stains as well as general dirtiness in the future and makes it easier for you to maintain after cleaning There are lots of great effects of having your carpets professionally cleaned, but the main ones that people benefit from are stain removal, odour removal and general brightening of the carpet.

Normally, you will pay exactly what we quoted you in the beginning. Sometimes, our technician may feel there is a need for additional work, but this will be run past you before it is done.

Yes, regular professional carpet cleaning is highly recommended to keep carpets looking their best and extend their lifespan. Clean carpets promote a healthier home environment.

Our carpet cleaning costs range from £20 for an office to £190 for a 4-bedroom property, depending on the size of your home or room and the services needed. The prices can differ based on whether you need carpets cleaned throughout the entire home or only in one specific room. However, these are only guide prices, and you should reach out to get a more precise quote.


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