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If you are living in Twickenham or the surrounding areas, and require professional carpet cleaning services, we can help you.  Here at Carpet Cleaning Twickenham, we are proud to offer an exceptional service at a fair price, which is what keeps our customers coming back for more.

In our carpet cleaning services in Twickenham, achieving perfection in an efficient manner is very important to us, and we believe that our hot water extraction method carried out by NCCA trained carpet technicians is the best way forward.  Our Twickenham team members use only the best professional carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment, which injects pressurised water into the carpet and at the same time vacuums the moisture out along with the dirt, debris and dust that is lingering deep in the carpet fibres.  We have found that this is by far the most effective way of removing tough stains, brightening the carpet and expanding its lifespan.  In addition to the steam carpet cleaning, we also use a stain protector which we apply for free; this repels liquids from forming stains on your floor covering, making your maintenance easier.

Our Carpet Cleaning Twickenham team can handle any size of job, residential or commercial – just let us know what you need! We are able to take a bespoke approach to any job, so we can deliver the best results every time. We tailor our services to meet your needs. Call us today and explain your situation, and we will assist you in choosing the best service as well as providing a free quote!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In our services, we include carpets, rugs, and other soft furnishings.  Please bear in mind that we use cleaning machines, and more delicate materials may not be well suited to this.

Depending on where you are, we try to get to clients within 24 hours – but please allow for 2 working days during our busier times.

Yes, we use hot water extraction machines as we believe they give the best clean possible.

For most people, twice per year is enough.  However, this depends on how many people are walking on the carpet and how big the property is, as well as if there are children, pets or smokers on the premises.

We recommend clearing all bulky furniture before the cleaning process, as our technicians may not be able to on arrival.

Typically speaking, no.  We don’t do hidden costs – all further work will be cleared with you before it is done.

Yes, we are able to provide accurate free quotes over the phone based on the information you give us about your carpet

It isn’t essential, but for the best results, we would recommend that you give your carpets a light vacuum before the service to remove larger pieces of debris

This will depend on several factors such as the size and state of the carpet, but we will aim to give an accurate quote over the phone before we begin the process.

Yes, anyone we send to your property will be NCCA backed and fully trained.

Yes, as a part of the service we will provide a protector to your carpet.  This makes sure that it is more protected from stains in the future, as well as making maintenance easier.

Having a clean carpet can do so much for a space, like improve airflow, reduce allergies and neutralise odours

Yes, we work for many businesses in the Twickenham area and will take on jobs of any size.

Our team are highly knowledgeable about all aspects of carpet cleaning, so we know exactly how to clean any kind of carpet without any shrinkage

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We pride ourselves in providing an excellent customer experience for all our professional carpet cleaning and upholstery services. Check out what our customers thought of their experience

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We love working in Twickenham; here are some things about the area you might not have known

  1. Twickenham is home to a very famous rugby football stadium which attracts thousands of visitors per year
  2. Famous poet Alexander Pope once lived there
  3. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair lived there in the 70s


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