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Carpet Cleaning Pros Horsham delivers an entirely professional carpet cleaning service for both domestic and residential properties, using market leading carpet cleaning formulas and never compromising on the quality of the products.  No matter what you face in your home that soils your carpet, the Carpet Cleaning pros know how to make it clean again.

We will always begin the process of cleaning your carpet by applying a pre-treatment as well as spot treating more difficult stains.  This means that we are far more likely to be able to get your carpet back to a showroom condition – which is always our goal.  We will then move on to the main cleaning stage, hot water extraction using state of the art steam cleaning machines that have the powerful ability to remove any and all dirt from deep within the carpet.  This method will not only leave your carpets clean, fresh and sanitised but also softer to the touch with that new carpet feeling restored!  Our method removes 95% of the moisture that is injected in by the machines, meaning that your carpets will be dry on the same day that our technicians visit!

Our professional carpet cleaning services in Horsham will benefit your carpet immediately as well as long into the future.  Not only will you get a great deep clean done by NCCA approved technicians, but the aftercare treatments we apply will lengthen the lifespan of the carpet by preventing future stains and keeping it looking fresh.  Our services can be used for any property, from office blocks and event spaces to the front room of your home – Carpet Cleaning Pros can do it all!

If you require a professional carpet cleaning service in Horsham, call us today and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We utilise a wide selection of detergents depending on the material and stain. Furthermore, all our products are environmentally friendly and safe around both humans and animals.

We are fully insured and only employ highly trained technicians. If on the rare chance something does not fit with our terms and conditions we will make sure you are fully compensated.

No carpet cleaning company should be offering a 100% guaranteed stain removal job as there are a variety of reasons as to why a stain may be permanent. Usually, the longer that a stain remains in the material then the harder it is to remove it. If there is a stain you are unsure about please do call us and a member of our team will be more than happy to advise you on your next steps.

We are available Monday to Friday, however we are able to make exceptions outside of our usual working hours for customers as we always strive to meet your needs.

We can clean a wide variety of materials. Our specialists have experience and training in most types of upholstery, carpets and rugs. However, there are indeed certain materials that cannot be cleaned using traditional hot water extraction methods, so please make sure to speak to our carpet cleaning team if you are unsure.

Carpets made of wool usually take 4 hours to dry, but most carpets will take around 2 hours. Timing changes are dependent on air flow and the temperature of the environment.

We recommend booking in advance, however our carpet cleaning services are usually available to attend your home or business within 2 working days.

We aim to meet the needs of every customer, so please do call us to discuss any appointments you have outside of our normal hours.

Our specialists only use the most powerful  machines available in the industry. Combined with our industry-leading methodology and detergents we do a great job every time.

The required amount of times for having carpets cleaned depends heavily on the footfall they receive. However, we usually recommend getting your carpets cleaned twice a year in the home, and more often for businesses that have high foot traffic such as offices and hotels.

In most of our jobs, our cleaning specialists work alone. They are happy to help move lighter furniture as long as there is no risk to them. If you have any long standing furniture then it is likely that the carpet will be very clean underneath those anyway.

We offer our clients a professional stain protection spray that allows your carpets to remain fresh for longer. It allows for future stains and dirt to be removed easier.

Payments are always made once the job is fully completed. We take payments via cash, card and BACS as well. Invoices are also available if requested.

The quotes that we give you before beginning a job will usually be the final price, even including VAT. However, if any further work is required or requested for you, our cleaning specialists will discuss this with you before proceeding.

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If your carpets, rugs or upholstery needs professional cleaning then contact our carpet cleaning Horsham team today. Here’s some facts about Horsham that makes it such a great place to work in and visit.

1. Horsham’s name is theorised to mean “horse home”
2. The town is historically known for horse trading during medieval times.
3. In the 20th centuary it became renowned for iron and brick making. More recently it is known for brewing.
4. Inhabitants of the town call themselves “Horshamites
5. Horsham holds the UK record for the heaviest hailstone to ever fall at 140g.


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