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Carpet Cleaning Pros is a reliable Carpet Cleaning Dorchester based company, providing high-quality cleaning services. We cover all of Dorchester and its surrounding areas, and our expert carpet cleaners have many years of professional experience in commercial and domestic cleaning. We believe that if a job is not going to be carried out to perfection, then there is no point in doing it at all, which is why we strive for the very best results in every single job that we do.

All of our technicians are NCCA qualified and insured, taking every necessary step to ensure excellence when cleaning your carpet. We use a hot water extraction technique, which means that we pretreat the area with suitable detergents chosen by looking at the material and type of cleaning that is required, before using a high power hot water extraction machine that pumps hot water into the carpet and then immediately vacuums it back out, leaving the carpet almost entirely dry. This is the most effective process for deep cleaning carpets, and will leave them looking, feeling and smelling completely refreshed. 

We are able to perform this process on any carpet, whether it is for your home or a larger commercial property.  Simply get in touch with our professional specialist team today, and we will be pleased to offer you a free, no-obligation quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are good at getting an idea of what your needs will be and how much it will cost, so in most cases, the quote will be the same as what you pay.  If anything additional needs to be done, it will be discussed with you first.

Yes, we do not need to come to your home to quote you.

Our opening hours are 9-5 on weekdays, but if you need our services outside of our opening hours, we will be happy to discuss an out of hours appointment with you.

Detergents that are not designed for use on carpets and upholstery can result in re-soiling issues. That is why we use Eco-Friendly carpet cleaning solutions, formulated from renewable resources, so you never have to worry about your carpet getting dirty faster.

For the best results, we would recommend that you give your carpets a light vacuum before the service to remove larger pieces of debris, so we can do a better job.

If you have a tricky stain, we recommend calling our team as soon as possible to have it dealt with professionally.  That way, we have the best chance of getting it out with our professional equipment.

This will depend on many factors such as the size and state of the carpet, but we will aim to give an accurate quote over the phone before we begin.

Yes, all of the detergents we use have been tested and are non-toxic.

We have the knowledge and expertise to clean carpets in the best way without damaging them, as well as NCCA qualifications. 

Yes, but we recommend hiring professionals for many reasons:

  • Our team have the knowledge and expertise necessary to do an excellent job
  • We are able to use our technology to get all dirt and debris
  • It takes a long time to do a DIY clean
  • Professional cleaning makes your carpet last longer as we can restore it to a far better condition

Yes, all of our technicians are fully trained and qualified members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, which ensures excellence in all of our cleaners.

We always finish the cleaning by applying a protective layer so that your carpet will not be as prone to staining.

The most prominent effect of carpet cleaning is that it makes the carpet last for much longer, as we are able to keep it in pristine condition.

Absolutely – we are able to clean commercial properties of all sizes, from hotels and restaurants to entire office blocks; simply let us know and we will provide a quote.

Some fibres are more likely to shrink than others, but we know what to look for and how to avoid it.

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We pride ourselves in providing an excellent customer experience for all our professional carpet cleaning and upholstery services. Check out what our customers thought of their experience

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  1. Famous poet and author Thomas Hardy was born in Dorchester in 1840
  2. It celebrated the 700th anniversary of its Royal Charter in 2005
  3. There is a site of a giant Henge monument in Dorchester dating back 4500 years
  4. It has a teddy bear museum, with some bears dating back to 1906


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