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Carpet Cleaning Pros are the top option in all your needs for carpet cleaning in Cirencester and the local areas surrounding it, serving the very best carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning service. Our exemplary Cirencester cleaning team will get amazing standards for every task and are able to reach a whole new standard of carpet cleaning expertise. Our journey started as graduates taking jobs here and there cleaning carpets and since then realised that the standard to which we were able to carry out the work had to be put to use; that is how we started.

From the day we started the company we have been based in Clifton and cover a huge range of places in the South of England. The services we provide are suitable for both commercial and residential customers and involve hot water extraction using the very best machines. In terms of residential, we’re doing stain removal, freshen ups, cleaning for if you’re moving out of a rented property and a wide variety of upholstery cleaning for rugs, sofas, chairs and curtains. In terms of commercial clients, dozens of businesses in the South of England rely on us to clean their premises to a pristine standard. We regularly clean carpets in hotels, schools, restaurants, venues and care homes.

All of the carpet cleaners we hire must be thoroughly trained within the company by the National Carpet Cleaners Association. Carpet Cleaning Pros should be your go-to provider of carpet cleaning services in Cirencester and the surrounding areas. Reach out today and we will quote you for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we know that having pets can make your carpets dirty faster, so we ensure that all of the detergents we use are totally pet friendly.

A professional clean will make a huge difference to the appearance of your carpet, as well as making it last for longer. Our specialist Cirencester team know how to restore carpets to a like-new condition and can do it better than anyone!

DIY carpet cleaning may be tempting as a cheaper alternative, but hiring professionals can actually work out better price-wise in the long term.  When we clean your carpet, we are also restoring it and maintaining its quality, meaning you do not have to spend on buying a whole new one in the years to come.

Yes, we do not send out any technicians without their full training and backing from the NCCA.

We apply a stain protector as part of our standard service, which helps to preserve the condition of the carpet for longer.  

Our customers love so many of the benefits that they get from our carpet cleaning services, such as:

  • Longer lifespan of the carpet
  • No more odours
  • Removal of stains
  • Brightening up of the carpet

Absolutely – we clean carpets and upholstery for many great Cirencester businesses and would love to work with you too!

Often, when certain types of carpet aren’t cleaned right it can cause shrinkage in the fibres.  However, our fully trained team know exactly how to prevent this from happening and keep your carpet in tip-top condition.

Yes – we always provide invoices for commercial clients 

No. Hot water extraction is the safest method for getting dirt and other debris out of carpets, and our technicians are fully trained to know what they are doing with the equipment that they use.

No, we use the best and most up to date technology which makes our turnaround times very fast, ensuring that you can use your office or your home as quickly as possible.  In residential properties, cleaning doesn’t usually exceed an hour and a half. Of course, in large commercial properties, this can take longer.

Some home remedies might work on certain stains, but they can also make them worse.  Our success rate is much higher when we are able to tackle stains that haven’t been touched, so we recommend leaving it and giving us a call instead.

In certain areas with high charges, we may bill customers for parking, so please let us know if there is somewhere on the property we can park instead.

If flooding has damaged your carpet, we recommend calling us so we can provide you with expert advice on how to move forward.

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We pride ourselves in providing an excellent customer experience for all our professional carpet cleaning and upholstery services. Check out what our customers thought of their experience

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If you are in need of professional carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning in the Salisbury area then please call today. Salisbury is a fascinating place, here’s some facts that we enjoyed learning:

1. Salisbury is a cathedral village in Wiltshire, Salisbury cathedral is a central part of the village.
2. The cathedral itself took 38 years to complete construction.
3. The cathedral is also extremely tall, with its spire standing at 123m, the tallest in the UK.
4. The world famous Stonehenge sits 8 miles northwest of Salisbury.
5. Salisbury is home to the worlds oldest clock, which was originally constructed in 1386.


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