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Here at Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham, we pride ourselves on offering the best value for money service, by using the most up-to-date and effective carpet cleaning machines out there, whilst also offering highly competitive pricing. Our carpet cleaning Cheltenham team get it right every time, tailoring the nature of the cleaning to the individual customer’s needs and the type of work that needs to be done, whether you need us to clean a full hotel or event space or a room in your house, Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham will find the solution and get a great result.

Since we started our company, we have been able to expand our services all across the South West of England, reaching so many more customers. We do work for commercial and residential clients. For our residential clients, we’ll assess the carpet and discuss the way ahead in detail so you are fully in the know. In terms of commercial uses, We regularly clean carpets in hotels, schools, restaurants, care homes and more. We offer new customers competitive rates and return customers can be offered a cost deduction on some of our services as well.

Our Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham team is prepared and ready to tackle almost any job imaginable.  We know that different situations require different actions, and that’s why we tailor our services to meet your needs. Please call today, let us know what it is that you need, and we will assist you in choosing the best service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with public liability cover

We are open 9-5 on weekdays as standard. However, we are aware that sometimes accidents happen that require urgent care which is why we always try to accommodate out of hours appointments for our customers.

Our top of the range extractor machines remove the majority of the moisture from the carpet, so it doesn’t take long for the carpets to dry.  We recommend waiting 2-4 hours to walk on them. 

We want to do everything we can to meet your needs. If you need an appointment outside of 9-5 Monday-Friday, give us a call and we will see what we can do.

Our recommendation is that you hire a professional every 6 months to clean your carpets and use a stain protector.  However, with pets or children, or a busy household, it may need to be more often. 

We use stain protection after cleaning because it maintains the great condition of the carpet, acting as a barrier against stains. 

We never increase prices without discussing it with you first.  Usually, our quotes are accurate and the price will remain the same, but in the case that more needs to be done, we will check with you first.

Our opening hours are 9-5 on weekdays, but if you need our services outside of our opening hours, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Yes, we would recommend that you vacuum prior to the cleaning.

This will depend on many factors such as the size and condition of the carpet, but we will offer a free quote before starting so that you are aware of the cost.

We have the top products and up to date machines that make the process far more effective, as well as less time consuming for you.

We will always try to remove all stains on a carpet, and although we cannot make a guarantee, we know that we are more likely than anyone else to remove it successfully.

Yes, we clean all kinds of properties regardless of the size of the task!

Yes – we always provide invoices for commercial clients 

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We pride ourselves in providing an excellent customer experience for all our professional carpet cleaning and upholstery services. Check out what our customers thought of their experience

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Cheltenham is one of our favourite places to work – here are some fun facts about the area!

  1. The mineral spring that Cheltenham is famous for was discovered by pigeons
  2. Gloucestershire makes £100million from the Cheltenham Festival every year
  3. The Cheltenham Flyer was the first train in the world to be scheduled to run at 70mph, doing so in 1932
  4. Polar explorer Edward Wilson is from Cheltenham
  5. The story Alice in Wonderland was inspired in Cheltenham


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